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MNHQ can you tell me a secret?

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PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 13:45:17

When you have guests in for live webchats - do they actually come to the tower or do they sit on their own computer in their own home/office?

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-Jun-09 18:08:43

It depends - some come into the office and sample some of Olivia's home made cake, others do it from home. It depends on geography and schedules. Although we do always encourage people to come in

cocolepew Sun 14-Jun-09 18:10:12

Blimey it doesn't take much for you to give up your secrets shock

What's your pin number? [innocent]

CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 14-Jun-09 18:19:59

Ha! It's ** grin

cocolepew Sun 14-Jun-09 18:37:23

It was worth a try grin

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 19:20:01

TY was just one of those annoying wonders IYSWIM.

PerfectPrefect Sun 14-Jun-09 19:20:27

<Can you invite me if there is homemade cake involved?>

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