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Mumsnet Towers - what do you imagine it to look like?

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OliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Jun-09 14:17:39

We ask because obviously we know the harsh reality but we're looking to reveal all put a pic on our Twitter page. So, we'd love to hear your ideas on what you want to see at Mumsnet Towers.
The Shed?
Justine's untidy desk corner office?
Our Studio60 style countdown clock to the full moon?
MNHQ's feral children creche?
TIA as ever grinwink

Turbomouth Fri 05-Jun-09 14:19:27


Tamarto Fri 05-Jun-09 14:19:36

Well it's a tower obviously.
A big red button for deleting threads
Flashing lights when someone reports something.


FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 05-Jun-09 14:20:03

The Shed

TrillianAstra Fri 05-Jun-09 14:24:10

A bit like air traffic control towers...

Definitely 'code red' for a thread kicking off. Someone spying on Netmums, babycentre, etc in the corner looking shifty.

Everyone has multiple computer screen on the go, whoever is in charge at the time has a bluetooth headset in their ear too making them look like a Borg.

VanessaButLessa Fri 05-Jun-09 14:26:13

i have a more hi-tech futuristic vision

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Jun-09 14:27:30

Its like Malory Towers.

There are various offices in each tower. (Hence sending OTW emails rather than yelling across the room like civilised folk). Creche is probably in the middle of the grounds somewhere (plenty of time in the gardens etc - but far away from the pool)

Shed is more of a groundskeeper's cottage, but in need of lots of repairs.

KingCanuteIAm Fri 05-Jun-09 14:31:04

Flame, that is how I see it too grin

SOLOisMeredithGrey Fri 05-Jun-09 14:32:07

Lots of opaque glass glass...that's what always comes to mind when I think of it grin.

RandomlyMe Fri 05-Jun-09 14:36:11

Message deleted

RandomlyMe Fri 05-Jun-09 14:39:07

Message deleted

Swedes Fri 05-Jun-09 14:43:16

It's a squallid bedsit in Ladbroke Grove. A cot in one corner, a child-bed in the other, a huge horsehair mattress in the middle. A Stokke highchair where sits a baby doing its own baby-led weaning. Justine is on the computer at the table wearing White Stuff dress and Fly wedges, composing AIBU to let my 2 year old do the ironing.

LeninGrad Fri 05-Jun-09 14:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

largeginandtonic Fri 05-Jun-09 14:48:50

High tower (obv) with lots of rooms. HUge screens in every one with buttons down the side, one for calm one for all kicking off.

Desks heaped with Boden clothes, crocs and bottom butter.

Tech in the turret with spiders round the eves grin

Buda Fri 05-Jun-09 14:48:57

Like [[ res%2FMagicKingdom%2FCinderellaCastle%2Fcinderella-castle.jpg this!]

spicemonster Fri 05-Jun-09 14:49:57

It's Malory Towers in my head. But knowing in reality that it's in Tufnell Park, I reckon you're above the Boston Arms and pop downstairs regularly for a quick game of pool and a go on the one armed bandit in your tea breaks

Buda Fri 05-Jun-09 14:50:07

Blast! will try again.

Like [ es%2FMagicKingdom%2FCinderellaCastle%2Fcinderella-castle.jpg this!]

Buda Fri 05-Jun-09 14:50:38

I give up. The Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.

BCNS Fri 05-Jun-09 14:53:27

this but with bunting, cupcakes and LDC and wooden play things in the creche area.

mostly just imaging you lot at a rather large oldie worldy kitchen table.. and a huge country kitchen.. that opens out onto a neat but child friendly garden

BCNS Fri 05-Jun-09 14:54:33

oh and it never rains where you are either

Flamesparrow Fri 05-Jun-09 14:56:35

what was deleted?!?!!

scottishmummy Fri 05-Jun-09 15:08:53

i see a palatial open plan studio with yoga suite/etheral music, waft of patchouli oil

the Saag Aloo Guru dispensing wise words and head massage

group hugs and reflective supervision

a veneer of calm and transcultural harmony to concel the fact that it is a nest of vipers and you all hate each other.and get arsey if someone uses your desk/your cup

the creche like all nurseries on MN threads is run by reprobates and shortly someone will rock up claiming to have worked in MNHQ creche.shouting they beat dem children dont cha know

ABetaDad Fri 05-Jun-09 15:09:26

I want to see the seamier side of MN Tower. grin

The fag ash, the overflowing nappy bin, discarded gin bottles and the 1994 Chippedales calender pinned on the back of the door. Oh and the wires hanging out the back of the overloaded MN server hidden under a pile of empty pizza boxes with a desk fan blowing over to keep it cool.

<love and kisses for getting my old NickName back by the way wink>

whomovedmychocolate Fri 05-Jun-09 15:22:37

Well I might not know what it looks like but I just found Justine's mobile number online so I could probably locate her and narrow it down from there....but that would be funny creepy! grin

scottishmummy Fri 05-Jun-09 15:29:26

Buda you think MNHQ lookey likey this page

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