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Please help me find a thread!

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TinyGang Wed 04-May-05 23:58:15

Please help! I just can't seem to retrieve this, Arrgh!

There was a thread recently (April?) about the rhyme that describes you depending on the day you were born. You know...'Monday's child is fair of face...' etc, etc.

There was a link on it which I need because it tells you which day you were born on.

Thank you

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 00:31:51

thread is here

site is here

I was born on a Monday but I'm not just a pretty face. Boom boom!

TinyGang Thu 05-May-05 12:03:31

Just caught up with this again. You're a star Hunkermunker - thank you so much! I just couldn't seem to find it anywhere, doh me being dense probably!

I need to find out which day my dad was born on, (long story) remembered this but couldn't find it.

Cheers again!

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