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I didn't win the Garden Play Set

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flashingnose Wed 04-May-05 07:52:01

But very for Cam - congrats!

Comps manager - that was a great prize

marthamoo Wed 04-May-05 07:53:32

I didn't enter even though it was a fantastic prize. It would just have been too sad to win - as our garden isn't big enough to put one in.

Congrats Cam!

flashingnose Wed 04-May-05 07:59:23

It's the kind of prize that makes you move house

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 04-May-05 09:02:25

*THAT"S IT!!!* I used up all my best tips and reviews on that one - I was sure I would win. I am officially the unluckiest MNer ever. If I had the capacity to flounce I would (although wasn't the most notorious flouncer a dodgy fella?)... anyway, if I find any of my gems in a MN tips book at any stage in the future I will sue sue sue (I will of course be willing to settle on the steps of the courthouse in the sum of one garden play centre)

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 04-May-05 09:02:58

and your *asterisky bold thingy doesn't work*. grrrr

misdee Wed 04-May-05 09:05:37

you have to put a * on each word u want in bold.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 04-May-05 09:06:35

thanks but I'm still cross

Enid Wed 04-May-05 09:08:05

well enids chicken nuggets didnt wint the recipe comp either [flounce] emoticon

almostanangel Wed 04-May-05 09:37:31

where goes it say who won?

Kayleigh Wed 04-May-05 09:47:43

it says who won on the home page. Congratualtions Cam

almostanangel Wed 04-May-05 09:51:09

oh yes !! well done cam.!! sulk sulk ..

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