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Any chance of a Without Member Profiles option as well?

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Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:49:46

Can't see any normal threads. Really not interested in Member Profiles

MarsLady Mon 02-May-05 23:50:49

It's the sunshine, made us all come out. Normal service resumed in the am Tinker.

lilsmum Mon 02-May-05 23:51:09

think its called..taking a interest tbh tinker

sallystrawberry Mon 02-May-05 23:52:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 23:52:11

Blimey, Tinker! Bit harsh!

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 23:52:19

bit harsh tinker

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:52:28

There's millions of 'em

Potty1 Mon 02-May-05 23:52:54

ER wasn't very good tonight Tinker - think we got out the photo albums instead!

lou33 Mon 02-May-05 23:53:07

Tink, do you check out only certain topics? If you click find new messages at the top of the page, you can select by hand which topics you specifically want to check. Would that be any good?

lockets Mon 02-May-05 23:53:25

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 23:53:29

Yes. Two are mine. Sorry. Thought it might be nice, some people agreed - you don't. Takes all sorts to make a world go round, I s'pose

lilsmum Mon 02-May-05 23:53:29

pmsl @ sallystrawberry

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:54:40

No lou - just do Active Conversations without buying and selling. But tonight ac is being flooded with profiles

sallystrawberry Mon 02-May-05 23:54:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 23:54:50

thanks for sharing

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:55:16


lou33 Mon 02-May-05 23:55:33

try my way for tonight?

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:55:58

[sulk emoticon]

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 23:56:04

smile tinker

sallystrawberry Mon 02-May-05 23:56:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:56:42

[tongue out emoticon]

lilsmum Mon 02-May-05 23:56:53

why dont you join in, and do a members profile yourself?

Tinker Mon 02-May-05 23:57:12

lockets Mon 02-May-05 23:57:12

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Mon 02-May-05 23:58:06

go on know you want to!

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