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Nosey nosey nosey ... how many messages did you post on Mumsnet in April?

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MintyyAeroEgg Sun 10-May-09 17:59:05

Only asking because I thought I was a relatively infrequent poster, tending to lurk more than post, and that I don't spend hours and hours on Mumsnet.

Dh disagrees. He thinks I am ALWAYS here.

Anyway, I posted 268 messages in April which is loads more than I thought I had blush.

Hulababy Sun 10-May-09 18:26:14

496 shock

bigchris Sun 10-May-09 18:27:55


thank god for Hulababy!!

Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:28:09

I changed my name too many times in April to know blush

As Flamesparrow.... over 500.

I know I have been various other names in that time too though

ChasingSquirrels Sun 10-May-09 18:29:48

only 162.

MintyyAeroEgg Sun 10-May-09 18:30:19

Ha! I am lightweight.

BCNS Sun 10-May-09 18:30:30

415 blush

MollieO Sun 10-May-09 18:32:02

307 hmm

SazzlesA Sun 10-May-09 18:32:35

Message withdrawn

malfoy Sun 10-May-09 18:33:22


BitOfFun Sun 10-May-09 18:33:40

Guess what came up for me?

Your search matched more than 500 messages. You may wish to refine it.


Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:33:52

Please someone be higher than me.... although to be fair, 500 (ignoring the "over") is only 16 posts a day, which isn't all that much.

Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:34:07

Yay BoF!!!

LilRedWG Sun 10-May-09 18:34:16

213 - much less than I expected!

FlappytheBat Sun 10-May-09 18:34:37

Only 55 posts for me in April!

But have posted 158 already this monthblush

MarlaSinger Sun 10-May-09 18:35:32

458 - I am really surprised, I lurk loads, thought it would be more like 100 shock

MarlaSinger Sun 10-May-09 18:35:34

458 - I am really surprised, I lurk loads, thought it would be more like 100 shock

BitOfFun Sun 10-May-09 18:35:59

Flamesparrow- you are in denial grin

Disenchanted3 Sun 10-May-09 18:36:21

More than 500 blush

Rubyrubyruby Sun 10-May-09 18:37:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:37:34

Say I had 500 in the other names too, so 1000 messages across 30 days... 33 messages per day.

I've already posted 4 on this thread!

Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:38:07

*wanders off to do a better number working out for flamesparrow*

Flamesparrow Sun 10-May-09 18:39:32

Ok, so it turns out that Flamesparrow has done 794...

Trying desperately to remember my other recent names!

Ewe Sun 10-May-09 18:40:41

298... Thought it would be MUCH less than that! I normally lurk.

BitOfFun Sun 10-May-09 18:40:45

How do you work out how many if it's more than 500 then?

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