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Coo-ee MNHQ - That Nest of Vipers T-Shirt...

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theDreadPirateRabbits Wed 01-Apr-09 14:01:47

I'm not the only person who'd wear one - how about it?

(Obviously not as important as g20 blogging, but I'm running out of windows keeping up with that)

FairLadyRantALot Wed 01-Apr-09 14:39:16

would be very cool

IwoulddoDrWho Wed 01-Apr-09 14:57:39

Me too.

Marthasmama Wed 01-Apr-09 15:00:34

Me four!

FrazzledFairyFay Wed 01-Apr-09 15:01:17

me five

theDreadPirateRabbits Wed 01-Apr-09 15:25:58

Hurrah! I'm seeing the MN logo done in a 70s stylee out of writhing snakes wink

wasabipeanut Wed 01-Apr-09 15:27:13

I'm up for it grin

Nessaroselikeseastereggs Wed 01-Apr-09 16:02:41

please MNHQ,grini want one!

MakeHayNotWar Wed 01-Apr-09 16:03:35

Make your own on cafe press?

BitOfFunnyBunny Wed 01-Apr-09 16:04:50

I want one, come on!

Although DP would take the piss out of me forever...

tatt Wed 01-Apr-09 16:10:56

sounds like a nice litte earner. Oh - and can it be blue as the language here often is?

theDreadPirateRabbits Wed 01-Apr-09 16:11:27

Hey BoF - maybe you should see if DP wants to play with a design for it? Prob best no tits though grin

BitOfFunnyBunny Wed 01-Apr-09 16:13:33

He does like his tits grin

theDreadPirateRabbits Wed 01-Apr-09 16:15:54

thought they were yours wink

theDreadPirateRabbits Wed 01-Apr-09 20:12:31

Bump for the discerning and stylish evening crowd wink

FairLadyOfMuslinCloth Wed 01-Apr-09 20:15:30


Nessaroselikeseastereggs Thu 02-Apr-09 13:49:22


IwoulddoDrWho Thu 02-Apr-09 18:46:13

Hey, it could be a Vest of Vipers.

Marthasmama Thu 02-Apr-09 19:42:23

grin Iwoulddo! BTW, would you still do him or are you going to name change when the new one's on? I'd do DT but not the new one!

theDreadPirateRabbits Thu 02-Apr-09 21:23:49

Interesting question Marthasmama.

<<Looks sternly at Iwould>>

IwoulddoDrWho Thu 02-Apr-09 22:18:36

Well, since you ask, I have already saved IwoulddoDrWhoNo10ButNotThis1 in preparation for that sad day.

Thanks to Port and Lemon for help with that.

Am gutted because it took me about a year for that name, but I am easing in by also being IwouldlovetoGeneGenie when the mood takes me.

Alibabaandthe40bunnies Thu 02-Apr-09 22:21:15

I would wear one grin

Maybe only as pjs though - would it actually say MN on it?? I probably wouldn't wear it in public if it did.

Ooh could be a means of identifying other MNers.

SadieSunshine Thu 02-Apr-09 22:22:12

Could you not be

ronshar Thu 02-Apr-09 22:22:25

I so completely want a tshirt.

I also so would do Dr Who but most definitely not the new one.
Can I have a Tshirt with that on as well.

WilfSell Thu 02-Apr-09 22:23:45

OMG. Yes. But only if it was a. long enough and b. fitted.

Not all of us are sylph-like you know. We need a bit of help.

ronshar, are you Lola?

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