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TECH ................. Is this possible?

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RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 20:23:06

Perhaps mumsnet could send a "how to" guide email to new members

Telling them about all the boards

Also giving details of DD/DS/DH/IIRC/BUMP
etc cos it is very confusing when you haven't a clue what people are talking about

Also give details of how to search archieves

I didn't know about them when I started

AnnieQ Mon 18-Apr-05 20:23:52

And it's a bit off-putting to new members to find people yelling at them to "use the archive" when you don't have a clue what the archive is.

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 20:27:43

If there could be a standard email that is sent as a welcome to mumsnet

with a full list of all the boards

and all the abrieviations

how to do links

smileys etc.

Also how and where the archieves are

Also what they are

Then members would not get cross or upset

and everyone is happy


SaintGeorge Mon 18-Apr-05 20:33:22

Don't you think things would get a bit quiet around here if everyone faithfully checked the archives and so didn't bother posting?

Seems a bit unfair to me, especially to the newbies.

AnnieQ Mon 18-Apr-05 20:37:13

It's even unfairer on the newbies (and everyone else) when MNers who are bored of seeing the same topics coming up either yell at you to check the archives, or turn the thread into a mickey take because they've been there and done that. It's not very welcoming - which is why I think that telling people that the archive is there right from the start might be a good idea.

RTKangaMummy Mon 18-Apr-05 20:38:17

I have to be honest and say that I don't check archieves myself very often

BUT still I think a welcome email telling about other stuff would have made me feel less confused when I was faced with IIRC IYSWIM DH etc

BUMP I thought had something to do with pregnancy

PrettyCandles Mon 18-Apr-05 20:46:25

Something mentioned on another thread this evening (I think) was a FAQ section. I agree with the SN mums who were talking about it. It would be very useful, especially on SN and B&D, plus on how to use Mumsnet - to supplement the 'welcome: this is Mumsnet' email of course.

I think FAQs would practically write themselves as a result of a request by Justine et al.

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