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how to post pictures in message / where to post 'free' stuff:

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lunarx Mon 18-Apr-05 20:12:52

two quick questions: (hopefully!!)

how do you post pictures in a message here? (i know this has probably been asked a lot!)


where is the 'best' place to advertise 'free' stuff?


SaintGeorge Mon 18-Apr-05 20:21:58

To post a picture:

Start a new thread under Member Profiles or For Sale topic.
Put in the text you want next to the photo and press post.
Now you should see the first message at the top of the screen in a box with a clickable link.
Click it, click browse to locate picture on your computer (jpg, less than 18K) then click load.
Click close window.

I would suggest For Sale for free stuff - just put FREE! in the title to get peoples attention.


lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 14:41:45

thank you!! now will have to try and see if i can make it work! =)

SaintGeorge Tue 19-Apr-05 14:42:20

I'm around if you get stuck

lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 14:55:30

i was able to see where you post the pic, but i need to find a way to resize my pics better to the small size without losing so much quality!

need to examine my photo edit program a bit better!!

thank you again!! =D

SaintGeorge Tue 19-Apr-05 15:02:26

I have resized your pics from the ones on the link but need to email them to you. Contact me at antlxstew @ (remove spaces) and I will send you these and tell you how to do.

lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 15:08:26

aww thank you... just emailed you

SaintGeorge Tue 19-Apr-05 15:16:06

Reply on it's way

lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 17:00:47

:grins: thanks again!!!

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