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Trinab75 Thu 14-Apr-05 13:13:18

Is there a way of finding seeing the profile of people you come across, on other forum's you usually click to a link on their name, but that doesnt seem to be the case here.

NomDePlume Thu 14-Apr-05 13:18:16

If you go Topics and click on member profiles you will see a list of profiles. Members here can choose to submit one or not.

NomDePlume Thu 14-Apr-05 13:19:18

link to the page is here

Trinab75 Thu 14-Apr-05 13:24:57

I had seen that, but wondered if there was a link to your profile via your name when you post.

SaintGeorge Thu 14-Apr-05 13:35:09

Think there has been talk of doing something like that, but nothing yet.

Member Profiles aren't always easy to spot because names not always in titles. Might be easier to use search facility and look for thread under that topic started by Mumsnetter you are looking for. Not infallible, but quicker.

Trinab75 Thu 14-Apr-05 13:41:05

OK, Thanks for that.
I can stop trying now, thought I was pressing the wrong button or something.

RE-Members profiles not being easy to spot on the members profile page, I totally agree, but I am going away to have a look around now, do not want to appear to be complaining already, as it is my first day here.

Thanks again

hub2dee Thu 14-Apr-05 23:23:24

I think the point is valid and has been raised before.

I'd imagine that it would be good to hyperlink poster name to a member profile - ideally one that could be edited at will.

I think MN HQ had this on their 'ponder list'.

Trinab75 Fri 15-Apr-05 19:24:27

I think that would be good too that system seems to work very well on other site's which I have come across, and of course people do not have to fill one in ,if they wish to remain anon.

I find a link to a profile helps you to relate to others quicker, as you can maybe pick out some common ground.

Justine (mumsnet) Fri 15-Apr-05 20:12:18

Yes that's a top idea - making names a link to member profiles that is. We're not aware of it having been raised before but will certainly run by Tech now and we'll see what we can do. Will keep you posted.

lou33 Fri 15-Apr-05 20:16:23

Justine, can you answer my question about member prfile pics on site stuff please?

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 20:24:37

Justine, Tech's previous comments on the subject are on this thread

hub2dee Fri 15-Apr-05 23:39:26

Lucky for all, my genius ideas are FREE as in free beer, free software etc.

Thanks for digging it up, St. George.

Justine (mumsnet) Sun 17-Apr-05 22:01:14

Aha - he never tells me anything (or then again maybe he did and I forgot). Anyway we'll make sure to nag him about it and then it will turn up one day when we're least expecting it . Thanks again Trinab75 for the prod.

Trinab75 Sun 17-Apr-05 22:56:54

I think I just accidentally stumbled across an issue which had been raised by a regular before.

Although, I am glad I did raise the subject again if it has got it back on the to do I believe it would be a great addition to the site.

Make sure you nag him real good!

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