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We need your costume ideas for World Book Day

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CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Feb-09 14:56:05

Yes, we need your hot tips for costumes for World Book Day. Have you put together an outfit for your child that went down a storm or do you struggle to find anything within your budget if you can't sew a stitch?

elportodelgato Wed 05-Mar-14 19:57:13

I have just say with DD and made a crocodile head out of cardboard so she can go as the crocodile from Peter Pan. 'Twas surprisingly easy and she is just wearing green clothes on the rest of her. Oh, and a clock for her to wear round her neck!

iloveweetos Wed 05-Mar-14 19:54:51

Does it make me a terrible mother that I can't be assed to send dd in anything but just school uniform?

jhardcas123 Wed 05-Mar-14 19:49:51

My very brave 10 year old son came up with the idea of wearing a dress (The Boy in the dress). He's got a dress an ready to go - don't know how many other boys would go for this?

motherinferior Wed 05-Mar-14 16:41:56

I have to say my kids take it as read they'll have to fix their own costumes blush

The 10 year old is going as Sally Lockheart from Pullman's Ruby in the Smoke series (if SL wore black patent DM boots) and the 13 year old as one of those heroines from endless bloody dystopic fantasies, involving black jeans black T-shirt black Converse.

PipkinsPal Wed 05-Mar-14 16:38:04

The easiest I can think of is Miffy. Plenty of rabbit ears in the shops now because of the long run up to Easter.

TiggyCBE Wed 05-Mar-14 16:36:25

I still think that you'll never beat Hitler. A black trouser and shirt outfit, swastika armbands, a copy of Mein Kampf, a pickled onion for a testicle in a jar, draw on a moustache, viola! A little Hitler to impress any teacher.

5madthings Wed 05-Mar-14 11:50:45

Fab. Ds3 is going as fantastic Mr Fox. A waistcoat, cap and have bought a tail. Ds4 is going as Mr bump, blue clothes and making a Mr bump body out of cardboard and painting it, easy peasy.

Some fab ideas on here, love burglar Bill!

tallulalula Wed 05-Mar-14 11:25:38

I thought I could wave goodbye to costumes at school, but my 21yr old is teaching sports at a primary .... just received a sneaky break-time text that he needs a costume for tomorrows WBD .... HELP!!!!

emmaMBC Mon 03-Mar-14 17:27:41

The perfect last minute, easy peasy 'costume' would be this one I've found .... wocket in my pocket!!

How genius is that?!?!

ClaireLouise44 Sat 01-Mar-14 08:51:43

My son needs to dress up as a nursery rhyme character on Thursday for world book week but I haven't got much cash. as anyone got any suggestions....I don't have time to make a paper-mashy humpty dumpty

biological Wed 06-Mar-13 07:48:35

Oops guess she's 14 now and you're probably ok for wbd.

biological Wed 06-Mar-13 07:45:51

Grimma - Nanny McPhee! All in black, feather in hat, a few warts and a good stick.

elsiej Mon 04-Mar-13 16:13:18

my daughter has won best dressed twice, once as Pippi Longstocking: one black sock, one brown, my black ankle boots, denim pinafore, baggy pink t shirt, sprayed red plaits made to stick out with pipe cleaner, freckles applied with brown kohl pencil and toy monkey. The other time she was Jacqueline Wilson's Illustrated Mum. Soo easy! She wore a hippyish sundress she already had and we found two tattoo sleeves left over from Halloween and then covered the erst of her with transfer tattoos she'd been hoarding. My son won as Captain Underpants. White t shirt with Captain Underpants written on it, trousers with underparts over the top and a very badly made cape, improvised from some old material knocking round the house.

Gwen67 Thu 28-Feb-13 19:32:41

Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for a Milly, Molly, Mandy dress for my daughter. She is age 9 but probably fits 10-11 year old clothes. Any hints would be good.



mistlethrush Thu 01-Mar-12 10:11:57

Just William.

Shorts, my socks so wrinkly around ankles, shirt - school one, unbuttoned at collar and untucked (made Ds (6) happy grin), tie - DH found one that was appropriate, cap (sun hat) and school blazer. Oh - and you have to have failed to manage to get him to the hairdressers for a trim for a month or too blush

He was thinking of going as a violinist but I was at a loss for the tail coat.

Boobella71 Thu 01-Mar-12 10:03:58

Alex Rider ! Genius my Ds is 8 but the same size as an 11 yr old so dressing up is really difficult! Got the books for Xmas too so costume is at least relevant ... Grrr hate this pressure to comply with ridiculous dressing up idea ... Should be kept to KS1 who actually enjoy it... Just my DD to sort who's 11 hmmmm (hmm)

BerthaTheBogBurglar Wed 29-Feb-12 14:44:17

ds2 (4) - the child from Dear Zoo who gets all the animals sent to him. Who doesn't actually appear in any of the illustrations grin. He's going to carry his toy puppy ...

Dd (9) - Camicazi the viking. Black skinny jeans, boots, long grey t-shirt, metallic belt, messy hair, bit of rope slung across shoulder and a pirate's sword. I offered to get her a hat with horns from ebay but she didn't want it.

ds1 (7) - Captain Haddock from Tintin (who he is obsessed with, having to hunt for all the books on ebay!). Black trousers, old navy jumper with anchor glued to front, black Captain's hat with anchor ditto

Codandchops Wed 29-Feb-12 14:06:23

blush£10.99 in the local party fun shop for a Harry Potter outfit.

<realises has failed the thrifty mother test and slinks away before anyone notices>

reckoner Wed 29-Feb-12 13:50:03

Charlie from Charlie & Lola... jeans and a long sleeve top with an old white tshirt over the top where you write CHARLIE on the front.

mashyup Wed 29-Feb-12 13:46:49

9 yr old ds going as Hiccup from How to train Dragon, just viking helmet for £2.50 from joke shop as school has said don't make it elaborate (I think they know parents a bit fed up of it by juniors) and 10 yr old ds is refusing to join in as he has a high embarrassment threshold, but says he might go as Fregley from diary of a wimpy kid, I'll just get some joke spectacles and mess his hair up. And draw freckles on. He always refuses until 10 mins before we leave for school so I have to have a quick back up plan.

kcsunshine Thu 23-Feb-12 22:05:13

Fairy tales are hard if you avoid using Disney dresses (my 7yo thinks she's too big for them now I fear ...)

Geofin7 Thu 19-Jan-12 15:23:46

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

dizzy030 Fri 04-Mar-11 13:20:21

In the past,dd has gone as Little Red Riding Hood (easy), the Chocolate Cat from The Sugar Plum Tree(brown leggings, brown top, brown fur ears & tail)and Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prarie (long old fashioned dress left over from playing Mary Poppins in a show, and a victorian bonnet). This year she insisted on being Hermione Grainger (easy again!). DS is dressing up for the first time, and he is going as the mouse from the Gruffalo(brown clothes, brown ears/tail, whiskers)- thought this would be practical and comfortable while he plays in the nursery!

MrsKanga Mon 21-Feb-11 21:51:40

My dd went as Minnie the Minx from the comics. Found an old black beret. got some bright orange wool and plaited it (as believe me she doesnt have black hair like people+me think!!) I attached them to the hat.
Got an old red school jumper and coloured black stripes in permanent marker across the jumper. black skirt. dirty knees..Voila!! she won!!!!

Clairelister Sun 20-Feb-11 14:48:36

Hi last year my 9 year old went as Pippi long stocking -quite easy with pipe cleaners in her pig tails and a stripy top and tights. This year my younger six year old is going as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland - just need a hat from a shop and some costumer jewellery, an old scarf and lots of safety pins.

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