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psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:21:47

.......the fact that some names are black, some are blue (poster names BTW), and the balck ones are for posters who are lazy not wanitng to have a profile, and the blue ones are for the showoffs people like me who let all and sundry read about me???

how cool

well done!!!

DisasterArea Tue 24-Feb-09 11:28:11

mine are all blue.

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:29:35

I have spotted lots of black ones.

and they don;t link to anywhere, hence obviously no profile.

mind you, I am on 'new mumsnet' now as the classic crashed on me weeks back, and for some reason I cannot change back won;t let mehmmsad.

ItsThatFuckerSQUONKagain Tue 24-Feb-09 11:30:19

clever grin

right, off to check out who's got a profile and who couldn't be arsed bringing it with them on this namechange hasn't grin

MerlinsBeard Tue 24-Feb-09 11:30:28

are you on IE or firefox? mumsnet on IE is broken apparently

ItsThatFuckerSQUONKagain Tue 24-Feb-09 11:31:09

DisasterArea - is mine blue?

Because I haven't got a profile under this name and it's black to me

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:31:30


firefox made my laptop crash completely!!!!

I did like firefox came with spellcheck

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:32:06

squock, your name right now is black to me.

mine is blue, cos I is a showoffwinkgrin

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:32:28


squonk evenwink

FriarKewcumber Tue 24-Feb-09 11:35:02

yes I spotted that this morning too [smig emoticon] and I'm blue...

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:36:00



SquonkWithABlackName Tue 24-Feb-09 11:37:54

Have done another namechange in honour of tech grin

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:39:10

I am mightly impressed I have to say.

tis the fact that they let him out to play at the weekend I reckons........made him work magic this weekwink

DisasterArea Tue 24-Feb-09 11:41:16

so why are all mine blue?
can't be dealing with more pooter worries. have only just sorted out last one. and 4 million photos are still missing. is v traumatic. can't cope. may need a lie down.

Saltire Tue 24-Feb-09 11:43:35

Mine have been like that for ages,a dn they alternate, black blue, regardless of who has a profile

snigger Tue 24-Feb-09 11:43:58

Ooh, I want to change my name and have black type.

We are so easily pleased or rattled here, it's like feeding time in the penguin enclosure.

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:44:31

oh DA.......did the change over do Bad Things to your pootah???

lie down might be good.

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 11:46:07

saltire, you are back!!!

how are you??

snigger, tis fun how excited we get isn;t it.

bet tech is in his shed right now clucking over his 'pets' (us), and chortling about how frexied we get with new toysgrin

throughasniggerdarkly Tue 24-Feb-09 11:47:00

Did it work?

I like this new tweak.

We need to introduce hot pink somewhere just to emphasise that this isn't sober workplace MN grin

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps Tue 24-Feb-09 11:47:14

I had a purple one yesterday. Poster's name, that is. What was that?

And I've never had a black name.

I feel left out. sad

snigger Tue 24-Feb-09 11:48:12

Oh joy.

<<sproings tiggerlike on the Shed roof>>

uberalice Tue 24-Feb-09 11:48:50

Hurray. About time too. It's just fiddlin' about with SQL, init, Tech?

DisasterArea Tue 24-Feb-09 11:58:12

Ah. may have been the MN switch that killed it. do you think i could sue?
so how can i gat black names then? pink would also be good.

psychomum5 Tue 24-Feb-09 12:05:43

purple should mean that you have clicked on it......mine go purple now ((again, finally<<happy sigh>>)) when I click on the link.

hot pink would be FABULOUS.

especially if teamed with black. would look like a whores boudiare<sp[hmm??>

giraffescantdancethetango Tue 24-Feb-09 12:10:35

Everyones blue to me

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