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10yr old dd1 has a little dribble after uti...has been tested.

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cutekids Sun 22-Feb-09 18:46:03

she gets this sensation after she's wee'd and i think it is a little wet.she's just finished a course of antibiotics...although in actual fact she had no uti anyway.
does anyone know what this could be?
my younger dd used to get this in bed and had a scan.but dd1 has never been a bedwetter...touch wood!

cutekids Sun 22-Feb-09 19:04:51

Could this be a bladder problem?

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 22-Feb-09 19:14:57

Cutekids: you'll probably get a better response if you post this in Children's Health here

cutekids Sun 22-Feb-09 19:19:07

Thankyou Helen...I realized this

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