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Voting on "am I being unreasonable" or other topics

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pdiddy Fri 20-Feb-09 19:31:04

I'm a newbie but a lurker

I think it may be a good idea to have voting buttons on am I being unreasonable to give a quick talley on YABU/YANBU. What do you think?

kslatts Fri 20-Feb-09 19:40:43

Good idea.

diedandgonetodevon Fri 20-Feb-09 19:41:40

oh yes, good idea!

Flamesparrow Fri 20-Feb-09 19:42:26

But no-one wants an actual answer - they just want a forum so they can argue their view.

Very rarely does anyone look and say, oh, so I am unreasonable, ok.... wink

MrsMattie Fri 20-Feb-09 19:42:38

Ooh, yes. I would still rant for England, personally, but for the less premenstrual vociferous among us - good idea.

TrillianAstra Fri 20-Feb-09 19:42:41

Does it take that long to type YANBU? It takes even less time to type YABU. Maybe time constraints are causing MNers to vote for YABU!

TrillianAstra Fri 20-Feb-09 19:43:31

I like the idea that the OP of an AIBU could see a little bar chart of how many people thought they ABU, how many thought they ANBU, and how many were undecided. grin

HerBeatitudeLittleBella Fri 20-Feb-09 19:43:43

fab idea

DumbledoresGirl Fri 20-Feb-09 19:46:26


Mumsnet is not going to sink to the level of popular culture, pleeeeaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee!

I was hoping this thread was an attempt to get the AIBU section removed.

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 19:48:59

of course i agree with dg

TrillianAstra Fri 20-Feb-09 19:52:12

I just think some nearly all AIBU posters need a big red diagram saying '99% of people questioned think YABU' grin

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 19:54:34

think they should get rid of it (but you know that already) grin

MrsMattie Fri 20-Feb-09 20:04:04

Remove AIBU? <blinks rapidly in disbelief>

Not really?

DumbledoresGirl Fri 20-Feb-09 20:13:57

Yes definitely. If I could make one change to MN it would be to get rid of AIBU. It turns MN into a pantomime.

Tidey Fri 20-Feb-09 20:18:29

AIBU is probably my favourite bit of MN. I'd be sad to see it go. Ever since my neighbour's girlfriend moved out I've been unable to hear screeching arguments, and AIBU makes up for it. Way better than soap operas.

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 20:20:14

maybe they should move it, a la 'for sale' wink

mn lite

MiTochondrialEve Fri 20-Feb-09 20:21:03

I asked for this ages ago

DumbledoresGirl Fri 20-Feb-09 20:23:21

SEA for sale got moved? shock

I thought all topics could be hidden by individuals if they want and for sale was no different?

I know I should just hide AIBU but in some ways it has taken over the role of the chat topic which I actually like best.

TrillianAstra Fri 20-Feb-09 20:32:49

Oh no it isn;t!

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 20:33:57

no for sale was made into an 'opt in' only topic how did you miss that? grin

MrsMattie Fri 20-Feb-09 20:34:26

I bloody heart AIBU.

I can't understand why people who don't like it just...urm...don't look at it? hmm

DumbledoresGirl Fri 20-Feb-09 20:38:30

Because it affect the tone of much of the rest of Talk.

southeastastra Fri 20-Feb-09 20:43:18

i guess i know in real life if i am being unreasonable, don't need a bunch of strangers to confirm this.

would like some support in my decisions rather than people telling me iabu.

and have seem some interesting topics which would be great topics in other areas and really support mums, rather than shoot them down.

MiTochondrialEve Fri 20-Feb-09 21:23:31

It brings out the worst in me. Not sure it should be encouraged. In me. grin

MiTochondrialEve Fri 20-Feb-09 21:24:10


MN brings the worst out in me.

I am not nearly such a giant twat that I am on here.

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