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What ever happened to the chat room idea?

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Flossam Mon 11-Apr-05 19:03:40

Thats it really! Have I just missed it all?!

beachyhead Mon 11-Apr-05 19:05:22

we were all told not to tell you about it, but its great actually

BubblesDeVere Mon 11-Apr-05 19:05:35

i would be happy with the idea

charleepeters Mon 11-Apr-05 19:43:18

i liked chat rooms i think there good but most of em have dissapeared now dont know why

Justine (mumsnet) Tue 12-Apr-05 16:17:15

Hi there,
You may remember the topic was discussed at some length a while back. On balance, it seemed the majority were against the idea and just as importantly many of those who were against were very strongly against. What's more the anti-chat room contingent, we think, came up with some pretty powerful arguments against having a chat room on mumsnet. One of the most compelling was that it would change the way mumsnet felt and was perceived. There were also a number of concerns about how it was to be moderated and that conversations would take place off-boards, as it were and therefore it would be harder to keep up, catch up etc, etc.

We know some of you were hoping for a chat room and will be disappointed. We did take note and do appreciate your arguments too and there's no reason why we can't revisit the subject and the pros and cons at a future date. Maybe chat rooms will have lost a few of their seedier connotations by then or maybe people will change their minds - we have the software now anyway .

flamesparrow Tue 12-Apr-05 19:12:11

Flossam Tue 12-Apr-05 20:42:30

Even if we ban Leslie Grantham?

Thanks Justine.

thedogmother Tue 12-Apr-05 21:04:18

Thanks for the update Justine. Was wondering this myself.

hub2dee Tue 12-Apr-05 22:23:05

I think there were strong voices both ways, and there are certainly strong arguments for both sides, however, realistically, the only way to gauge something like this is to test it in the field.

I would have thought a 2 week trial would be a better way to judge strengths / weakness, positive and negative impacts on MN...

Some kind of additional surveying / questionnaire answering would be useful, from newbies as well as old hands...

Just ma tuppence worth...

Gwenick Tue 12-Apr-05 22:25:59

Surely a proper 'poll' would have been a better idea rather than just 'gauging' from the few threads on for those few days .

MN has 1000's of members, - many of who may not post on the forums much, but 'perhaps' may like a chatroom.......

user1474612284 Sat 24-Sep-16 17:00:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LumpyMcBentface Sat 24-Sep-16 17:02:51

This thread is ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Why have you posted on it?

AnthonyPandy Sat 24-Sep-16 17:18:42

Is that you Alan? Where's your thread?

user1474612284 Sat 24-Sep-16 17:52:35

A very good question,because i want to ask a very good question now!

AndNowItsSeven Sat 24-Sep-16 17:58:41

I think they have by now lost their seedier connotations . Can we have a chat room please.

usual Sat 24-Sep-16 18:08:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maudlinmaud Sat 24-Sep-16 18:15:08

For goodness sake this is the second zombie thread you have commented on.

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