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Who agrees that the emoticons on this site are crap?

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Gunnerbean Tue 03-Feb-09 14:47:01

The site is good but the emoticons are absolute crap, surely they can do better?

They should use the ones from the MSN groups they are far superior to these.

southeastastra Tue 03-Feb-09 14:47:57

no, cause mnetters rely on real life words to portray how they're feeling innit

SobranieCocktail Tue 03-Feb-09 14:48:14


That's the best emoticon in the whole world, that is.

fishie Tue 03-Feb-09 14:48:47

ooh tickers. we need tickers.

RiaParkinson Tue 03-Feb-09 14:48:47

apart from hmm i agree

grin is the pits

we need vomit

BalsamicBreasts Tue 03-Feb-09 14:49:54

It would be horrible to have the pages covered with rolling puking gremlins IMO. Our emoticons have a certain dignity in their restraint, I think.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 03-Feb-09 14:50:00

Yes, we need all singing all dancing emoticons. hmm

dilbertina Tue 03-Feb-09 14:50:13

Noooooo! Don't mention the emoticons...especially not right now - there will be a Techie meltdown......

There was uproar at a previous attempt to change them,

and the Techs have still got about a million things to put right from their tinkering about..!

BalsamicBreasts Tue 03-Feb-09 14:51:09



bluebump Tue 03-Feb-09 14:51:39

I always look for hmm when i'm on msn and forget it's just on here!

BalsamicBreasts Tue 03-Feb-09 14:53:01

This is BitOfFun btw...I keep hanging round in the hope that VinegarTits will see me and tell me off.

SheherazadetheGoat Tue 03-Feb-09 14:54:40

i think all emoticons are shite. if i want to look at exaggerated souless faces conveying simplistic emotions i will turn cbeebies on.

CharCharGabor Tue 03-Feb-09 14:55:01

I like em. PMSL at your new name BoF grin

Jux Tue 03-Feb-09 14:56:59

If we have bouncy emoticons it'll slow everything down, won't it?

PortAndLemon Tue 03-Feb-09 14:56:59

No. We don't need all-singing, all-dancing emoticons. It's much more effective to use [looks slightly askance emoticon] or [very scared emoticon] or whatever, anyway.

And I nominate SheherezadetheGoat for QOTW...

BalsamicBreasts Tue 03-Feb-09 14:57:17

I am the posher classier version smile<<goads further>>

MrsBadger Tue 03-Feb-09 14:58:15

I only use emoticons if the appropriate words are not available

not vice versa

BalsamicBreasts Tue 03-Feb-09 14:58:49

I second the QOTW!

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 03-Feb-09 14:59:09

For goodness sake shhh! If BigTech sees this he'll get up to his old tricks again.

callalilies Tue 03-Feb-09 15:00:25

What's wrong with them? Do you mean there are not enough?

Fimbo Tue 03-Feb-09 15:01:10

Oh yes, I want one of those things where you can choose your own body, hair and clothes.

<<legs it>>

cyteen Tue 03-Feb-09 15:01:11

they've grown on me tbh, although there's a few of the phpBB emoticons i always miss when i'm here.

please please just say NO to any form of moving emoticon, they are complete shit.

wheresthehamster Tue 03-Feb-09 15:05:13

Apart from maybe a vomit emoticon I can usually manage to convey what I want to say with those we already have. NO NO NO to anything that dances or moves. I really would have to leave if that happened shock sad wink grin smile

callalilies Tue 03-Feb-09 15:06:10

I would like [vomit] and [confused]

cmotdibbler Tue 03-Feb-09 15:08:58

No more please... Apart from maybe [vomit]. And perhaps [oh gods another crazed HV comment]

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