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where's the thread for talking about the book?

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FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Feb-09 15:44:01

postie brought mine this morning, just been skimming

it looks good, definitely caught the feel of the place

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Feb-09 15:48:28


JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Feb-09 16:15:35

Franny we'll sticky your thread for a bit - can't wait to hear what folks think of it [nervous emoticon]

fryalot Mon 02-Feb-09 16:39:21

I've asked my mate Phono to get me a signed copy from the book launch tonight next week so I'll be around to discuss it about two or three days after that.


Looking forward to it though

morningpaper Mon 02-Feb-09 17:03:25

<even more nervouser>

fryalot Mon 02-Feb-09 17:04:51

that's S-Q-U-O-N-K, mp grin

morningpaper Mon 02-Feb-09 17:05:28

skwonc got it

KerryMumbles Mon 02-Feb-09 17:06:50

all I want to know is am I in it?

KerryMumbles Mon 02-Feb-09 17:07:25

wait, forgot, mp wrote it.

that's a big NO then

morningpaper Mon 02-Feb-09 17:08:28

yah sorry Kerrymum only people I liked obviously

Most quotes aren't attributed TBH so it will be a challenge to try and spot yourself grin

fryalot Mon 02-Feb-09 17:09:48

when I get my copy I shall go through it with various colours of highlighter pen, cross referenced with coloured index cards representing each MNer.

obviously grin

KerryMumbles Mon 02-Feb-09 17:09:58

hah! See!

all suspicions confirmed....

Boco Mon 02-Feb-09 17:13:27

Ooh I just saw youtube video of Justine and is that Carrie, talking about it. How come you're both so brown and glowy? Was it filmed ages ago?

Boco Mon 02-Feb-09 17:14:07

I don't mean ages ago as in years, I mean in the summer.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Feb-09 17:16:40

What you talking about Boco? Utube? Tanned? Shurely someone else...

Boco Mon 02-Feb-09 17:18:34

Hang on, who are these birds then?

KerryMumbles Mon 02-Feb-09 17:23:22

Great clip!

How posh are you two????

[i know cause some of my best friends are posh. believe it or not grin]

pmsl at not pink and fluffy and not going to grow up to be psycho serial killers (sneaking suspicion that was lifted from me at some point grin]

morningpaper Mon 02-Feb-09 17:29:57


what lovely ARMS you have Justine

look at Carrie with her nice hair

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 02-Feb-09 17:33:25

Blimey - had forgotten we'd done that - never even seen it. Yes it was summer (and the tan was fake). We do sound a bit posh don't we - Carrie always goes posh on the Telly - but if she ever meets anyone from Blackburn you can't understand a word...

RustyBear Mon 02-Feb-09 17:33:30

Love the way someone suddenly turned the light on 45 seconds in....

Boco Mon 02-Feb-09 17:34:30

They have pretty flicky hair.

They don't have the complexions of people who frown at a computer screen all day do they. Surely body doubles then.

KerryMumbles Mon 02-Feb-09 17:38:44

easy, posh elegance....


FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Feb-09 18:26:58

well i have skimmed it looking for myself read as much as i could in between rl

i like it

it's made me laugh

i did think a couple of people were obviously missing

i expect that is an inevitable thing

i hope there won't be bickering

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Feb-09 18:31:35

i did find myself wishing there was a more extensive index

eg: frannyandzooey 39, 122,

FrannyandZooey Mon 02-Feb-09 18:33:37

so has no-one else got it? or is it just me that's sad enough to order in advance and flip madly through it as soon as it arrives? what's going on? we are not normally known for our retiring and laidback nature on here i would say
i would have thought if most of us knew we might be featured in a book we would be queuing outside waterstones the night before

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