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costagirl Fri 30-Jan-09 19:50:28

Sorry to be thick but someone has 'bumped' my message on another thread - what does it mean?! Don't know where to look!

TheFirstLiffey Fri 30-Jan-09 19:51:47

When somebody posts on a thread it sends it back in to active convos for a couple of minutes.

The most recently posted on threads appear in Active (as it's now called)

MarmMummy Fri 30-Jan-09 19:52:31

Just means they are bringing it back to the top of the list, so more people see it! smile

whomovedmychocolate Fri 30-Jan-09 19:52:58

Bumping can also mean 'I have no sodding idea but someone else might if I pop it to the top of the list so there'. grin

The opposite is <parp> which means 'I am bumping this simply so others may mock your post in a condescending manner because it's total codswallop' grin

TheFirstLiffey Fri 30-Jan-09 19:56:23


TheFirstLiffey Fri 30-Jan-09 19:56:47

I just bumped your thread grin

EllieG Fri 30-Jan-09 19:57:58

I always wondered what <parp> meant

YouLukaBeautiful Fri 30-Jan-09 19:58:33

Puzzlerocks is the best bumper I know smile

costagirl Fri 30-Jan-09 20:00:17

Yes indeed, twas Puzzlerocks that bumped it for me, still can't find the blardy thing, will go through active again!! Thank you for your help.

costagirl Fri 30-Jan-09 20:03:52

No, dimwit still hasn't got the hang of bumping. So if Puzzlerocks bumped it but it's not in the top 50 active convos, is it just in original place? Feel free to sigh and tut, I know this is painful. wink

Lilyloo Fri 30-Jan-09 20:06:40

It only stays in active convos until other messages posted afer it.
These will precede it iygwim!

costagirl Fri 30-Jan-09 20:08:02

Mmmm (pretending she understands). Ok, thanks. How do you bump a message?

YouLukaBeautiful Fri 30-Jan-09 20:09:42


Lilyloo Fri 30-Jan-09 20:12:35

Say there are 25 posts on an active board(which are actively being typed on)
every time someone posts a new one , starts a new thread etc the posts move down and post 25 drops off active convos

By bumping (typing anything) you put your post back in active convo

you can post anything it will put it at number 1 in active convo then it will move down again


YouLukaBeautiful Fri 30-Jan-09 20:13:35

Also bumped it!

whomovedmychocolate Fri 30-Jan-09 20:13:39

costagirl - very simply you either post the word 'bump' or a smiley grin etc.

When I first started here I thought it was someone announcing their pregnancy and kept saying 'congratulations' blush

costagirl Fri 30-Jan-09 20:17:55

God I feel so thick. 2 degrees and this is completely beyond me. So if I want to bump a post, I just type bump? I'll give it a try!

YouLukaBeautiful Fri 30-Jan-09 20:18:20

smile for wmmc grin

NorktasticNinja Fri 30-Jan-09 20:18:28

If you click on I'm on at the top of this/any talk page you'll get a list of all the threads you're on. I Started is the threads you started.

Read this...

whomovedmychocolate Fri 30-Jan-09 20:19:14

Yes Costagirl - you've got it!

whomovedmychocolate Fri 30-Jan-09 20:20:17

Oh and FWIW I thought you meant you were hard of thinking because it was cold where you are (2 degrees) <thicko with only one degree here> grin

whitenoise Fri 30-Jan-09 20:25:30

bump is also an acronym for Bring Up My Post

you can bring a post up to the top of active convo's by typing on it

NorktasticNinja Fri 30-Jan-09 20:27:20

...although all threads that are posted on are brought to the top of active convo's, not just the 'bumped' ones smile

YouLukaBeautiful Fri 30-Jan-09 22:15:45

bumping - where's Puzzlerocks?

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