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A few notes on the new look and functions

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YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 30-Jan-09 09:25:00

There are still a few problems with using the various "Mumsnet Classic" options. However, for a lot of people matters are significantly improved if they press Refresh in their browse. If you're using Firefox, try pressing Shift+Refresh. At about 4:30am this morning after many hours of work, that made the classic option work well. Only a couple of minor layout issues remained.

Text is not meant to be squished, you're not supposed to have to scroll down through acres of whitespace. We'll definitely fix these issues.

I've no idea why people are finding text too tiny; the font size hasn't changed intentionally, so if it is tiny for you it's either a need to press refresh (to reload the style sheet, in tech speak) or a problem that will be fixed.

Threads I'm On and Threads I'm Watching should behave in the way they always did - they do for me. Let us know the specifics of problems you have with them and we'll address them.

We know about the problem of seeing "hide hide hide" across the top of the page. If you go in to customise (which my huge ENGLISH dictionary lists as being able to be spelled either customise OR customize) you can turn off showing of the Hide option which is a workaround for this problem. We'll fix it properly soon.

The ads have neither changed size nor increased in number.

Remember: Press REFRESH (and try SHIFT+REFRESH) a couple of times. It might help a lot.

For those having problems we do apologise and will sort it all as soon as we can. For those that hate it, perhaps you'll get used to it after a while and we'll improve the classic options (though I am using them now and they're working fine).

Oh and for the 2 of you that said thanks for all the hard work: thanks! It has taken over a dozen people a lot of hard work. We had to release it in a hurry and it's not perfect, but we'll get there.

morningpaper Fri 30-Jan-09 09:27:02

well done YetMoreTech!

I will rub your shoulders next time we meet

(not really - I will be hiding under BigTech's desk eating biscuits)

snigger Fri 30-Jan-09 09:28:10

Can't remember if I said thanks, but thanks.

(not an ingrate by nature)

RubberDuck Fri 30-Jan-09 09:28:25

"Threads I'm On and Threads I'm Watching should behave in the way they always did" - do you mean in the Classic mode or in the new mode? As the new mode has some bugs and lost functionality.

psychomum5 Fri 30-Jan-09 09:29:42

yes, you have done very well.........I even gave you a gold starwinkgrin, but you have missed the moon, or missed commenting on my comments about the it that the yesterday moon was broken, or is it that we are indeed in another reality???

FWIW, I don;t have the list of 'hides' and white space unless I try to change my options.....going back to my normal options makes me happy


I miss the purpleness that showed me which threads I have clicked on..........whats with that??? All the threads stay the same colour now.


well done, you done goodwink

FAQtothefuture Fri 30-Jan-09 09:29:44

yes indeed a thanks - now I've refresh it's much better and not all squished grin

However I still can't cope with the colours of links I've clicked and links I haven't they just look the same and it's confusing me blush

mishymoo Fri 30-Jan-09 09:29:58

Thanks Tech - I quite like the new look!

Lemontart Fri 30-Jan-09 09:30:17

Sorry Tech if I have come across as a bit moany I did say I loved it and know it is damn hard work - nice job

(Just wanted to point out the Thread I’m On possible glitch with the names next to the last post as it must be a nightmare finding and picking up on every tiny bug in the system - not nit picking, honest!)

AMumInScotland Fri 30-Jan-09 09:31:36

Well done, I can see how much work must have gone into these changes. I'm sure we'll all get used to the new style soon enough!

One thing which I'd like (once you've dealt with the bugs of course) would be if we had an option to set the default "Show All"/"Hide All" in Talk Topics, as I prefer the "Show All" option, but it doesn't stay that way when I leave the page. That would make navigation easier from my POV.

Ta much

ThePgHedgeWitchIsCrankyBeware Fri 30-Jan-09 09:31:43

Message withdrawn

snigger Fri 30-Jan-09 09:31:48

This site is a study in social anthropology - first the fear, then the sabre-rattling, and now, finally, the acceptance.

I think that's the reason for the changes - Tech has a final paper to submit before he starts working with Kate Fox.

RubberDuck Fri 30-Jan-09 09:31:51

Threads I'm On issues in the new look:

1) Latest name says it's me even when others add to the thread.
2) Clicking on the thread title takes you right back to the beginning of the thread and there is no way of getting back to the point where you were reading - especially annoying on a very long thread
3) Clicking on the Latest name takes you to Mumsnet Talk front page instead of anywhere useful - am assuming this is a bug rather than a feature!!!

DumbledoresGirl Fri 30-Jan-09 09:32:27

sad I have a new pc and can't find the refresh icon. Anyone want to enlighten me where it might be?

RubberDuck Fri 30-Jan-09 09:32:44

4) Link colour change insignificant when you've read a topic

BlameItOnTheBogey Fri 30-Jan-09 09:32:46

YMT - I love it. But looking at the time of your posts, you must have had about three hours sleep last night! That's real commitment to the cause!

rubyslippers Fri 30-Jan-09 09:33:23

Thank you yetmoretech - have done the shift+refresh and it seems to have helped!

I like the shortcuts at the bottom of the page rather than having to go to the topic list

morningpaper Fri 30-Jan-09 09:33:37

Dumbledore press f5 or shift-f5

rubyslippers Fri 30-Jan-09 09:33:48

DG - press F5 to refresh

RubberDuck Fri 30-Jan-09 09:34:40

Oooo... idea for the I'm On section - could we have a "Show All" button for there too which expanded out the individual posts for all the new replies so you could directly go to where you left off - that would help A LOT.

IAteMakkaPakka Fri 30-Jan-09 09:34:47

"we'll improve the classic options (though I am using them now and they're working fine)"

grin is this a telling statement?!

Thank you for your hard work YMT. It has taken me two cups of coffee, a Twix and one of DS's Milkybars blush but I am warming to it. I've even got pages running for the first time ever.

[Offers YMT a rummage in the Milkybar multi-pack]

Dior Fri 30-Jan-09 09:36:35

Well, I actually like it! It is a bit more funky.

My only question is why, why I hit 'active convo's' I get a long list of the word 'hide' before the active threads.

Molesworth Fri 30-Jan-09 09:37:21

I like it too - well done tech team!

RubberDuck Fri 30-Jan-09 09:38:13

Reply numbers on Active Conversations seem screwy.

Flier Fri 30-Jan-09 09:38:15

I started a thread re the threads I'm watching not working for me...still not working after hitting refresh sad

TheInvisibleManDidIt Fri 30-Jan-09 09:38:37

Tech (and tech team) you've worked hard, thankyou.

(but you killed it!! You know what I'm taking about! How could you!)

Oh and I'm sure we were told we were geting atleast 1 new emoticon!

<<wonders if Tech is still around or if he's now snoring face down on his keyboard>>

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