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techy type mumsnet team person - a few q's

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Tortington Sat 02-Apr-05 16:16:48

any chance you can creat a link where i can read the whole site in reverse order - rather like the threads? so start with chat and finish will allergies? see what i mean?

also when i load my favourite threads - then enter a thread and post on it and press the "back" button i do not go back to my fav loaded threads - i go back to a "internet wont work" kinda page - which i reload - then i get back to the page where i loadmy favourite threads rather than my loaded favourtire threads - are you still with me?

the same thing happens as above when i search threads in the last 30 mins or 15 mins - i read the threads - but if i enter a thread or post on one - i cannot page backwards as the "internet page insnt working please refresh" page comes up - i refresh and am back to entering the minutes again - its very frustrating.

hope you know what i mean.



Snugs Sat 02-Apr-05 16:20:16

Tip for solving the 'back' problem - open threads in new windows, so your original search stays intact until you are ready to refresh it.

Right click and choose open in new window.

lou33 Sat 02-Apr-05 16:34:28

thats what i do snugs

Snugs Sat 02-Apr-05 16:38:41

Hmph, not talking to you lou - still wandering through escape games as we speak
What have you started?

lou33 Sat 02-Apr-05 16:41:18

i feel too dim to do any puzzles today, am just staring blankly at the screen

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