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STILL need to talk mouldie?

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algyfromthepub Tue 06-Jan-09 21:27:58

ha! tell bob i'm here.

fryalot Tue 06-Jan-09 21:54:55

a) no
b) yes
c) yes

<<<munches sausage>>>

BustyBarberra Tue 06-Jan-09 21:55:43

ALGY!! Is that you <<shoves norks up with forearm>>

What you doing offering your sausage, you promised me that sausage.

Flamespar Tue 06-Jan-09 21:55:50

Squonk - best to leave it be and just carry on with oogling Bob's balls...

RiaParkinson Tue 06-Jan-09 21:56:18

you can tell which of the analogies are from mouldie or non mouldie members unfortunatley


lets look to the future

the MUMSNET future

BobbingBob Tue 06-Jan-09 21:56:44

<leers at Squonk's sausage-munching>

I'd love a nice banger, Algy.

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Tue 06-Jan-09 21:56:59

How long before a moldy comes on and says 'FGS are you still bleating' LOL

BobbingBob Tue 06-Jan-09 21:57:53

Come and 'ave a nibbl on my sausage, Barb.

GolfingGerry Tue 06-Jan-09 21:58:18

<wanders in wearing blouson jacket and slip-ons>
A pint of your finest please, mine host!

Ah, Algy. How is the lady wife?

<opens Hamlet cigar>

fryalot Tue 06-Jan-09 21:58:29

<<rubs tongue over sausage suggestively>>>

<<<wonders whether posting on this thread was a wise move>>>

Thomcat Tue 06-Jan-09 22:00:02

FFS are you still bleating on!

about 2 mins????

AlgyAndBobYoureTheFather Tue 06-Jan-09 22:00:21

Oi you two

jeremy kyle wants you in thursday for that dna test right?

BobswifewhoshaggedAlgy Tue 06-Jan-09 22:00:40

OK I'm back.

Hey Barberra lets have a fight! I'll pull your (platinum with black roots) hair and you can scratch my (orange Tango-tanned) face.

Bob and Algy can leer watch....

BobbingBob Tue 06-Jan-09 22:02:31

<moves stool to a better position to watch the fighting action>

I bet you don't get this kind of top quality entertainment down at the golf club, Gerry.

Clarissimo Tue 06-Jan-09 22:03:05

well done tc a record wink

Did Algy put you up to it?

chipmonkey Tue 06-Jan-09 22:06:33

Thomcat, you going to try to get the last word on this one, too?grin

BustyBarberra Tue 06-Jan-09 22:06:50

Hes mine you OOmpa Lumpa!

<<fake sniff>> Tries to get Algy to feel sorry for her.

Algy you said that there was only me who made your sausage into bubble and squeak.

morningpaper Tue 06-Jan-09 22:07:33

<rolls in wearing short skirt and fishnets>

Hi Bob! <meaningful look while we remember details of that lay-by session last night>

BobswifewhoshaggedAlgy Tue 06-Jan-09 22:08:33

Oh no I broke a (ridiculously long with ludicrous design on it) nail on Barberra's enormous hoop earring whilst I was tearing it from her ear!

Bob are you a man or a mouse I said I just broke my nail are you going to just let it lie!

Clarissimo Tue 06-Jan-09 22:08:58

<<hears rustle on floor, goes to look and finds Bob rolling in cornr with jack Russell>>

OOoh you dirty dog

fryalot Tue 06-Jan-09 22:09:33

<<<spits sausage out>>>

erm... where exactly has that banger been before it went in my mouth?

I like these mouldy threads grin

morningpaper Tue 06-Jan-09 22:09:56

oooh Bobswife are those gelled nails?

chipmonkey Tue 06-Jan-09 22:10:36

<<hears rustle on floor, goes to look and finds Bob rolling in cornr with Russell Brand>>

You even dirtier dog!

BobbingBob Tue 06-Jan-09 22:11:01

<pretends not to be looking up MP's skirt>

Of course I shall leap to your defence, my darling wife. Just as soon as I've finished these pickled eggs.

<makes note to self not to put own head under the duvet tonight>

Clarissimo Tue 06-Jan-09 22:11:08

gelled by someone in the house while watching the brats dontacha know?

Well ita tekes it out of you this barmaid up the B&E <<or insert non bridgwater based cider hole>> after all

TWINSETinapeartree Tue 06-Jan-09 22:11:13

pmsl I thought the thread title was "Like to talk to a moldie" as in I am sat in here waiting come give me your best.

I was coming in just to say you're brave! grin

but total pmsl at my freudian slip emoticon I typed grave rather than grin in my brackets probably blending brave and grin but still rather spooky.

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