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need help to resize pics for our profile!

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swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 14:25:42

My painbrush programme is all messed up and keeps saying 'out of memory' when i try to cut photos that i have downloaded from the digital camera. Would love to do a profile for us all with some pics but dont know how else to resize them - anyone got any ideas?

Snugs Tue 29-Mar-05 17:24:18

Crap at advising, but willing to give it a go for you if you want.
Email antlxstew @

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 17:30:04

Hiya - I just managed to find a brilliant programme on a 10 day trial which you download free - called EasyImage Lite from When you run the programme it brings up a tiny box - you click on browse and find your file, click the size you want, the resolution you want and it automatically saves it to your chosen spec!!

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