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is there a moldies part three?

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Tortington Sat 03-Jan-09 15:31:23

just wondering, as i can't find it.

dizzydixies Sat 03-Jan-09 16:00:04

oohh Stealth - loving the new year name grin

SinkingontheTitanic Sat 03-Jan-09 16:01:45

No, I was told that all the rejections were for good reasons ie not just because someone was unknown. I know far more than I should know, but I am not going to say all. Contrary to what someone thought about me, I am a decent person. wink

Flightattendant7 Sat 03-Jan-09 16:04:19

I'm sure you are smile

Got me worried now!! arghhh

lilolilmanchester Sat 03-Jan-09 16:04:45

I care and I'm sorry people have got hurt. But have been through this with a RL group of yummymummies and that was harder. I do understand why people are upset and want to talk about it, but I really wouldn't want to be part of a group who are voting on who can or can't join in their group. I'm glad that there are so many of you lovely MNetters who are still here for all of us.

wannaBe Sat 03-Jan-09 16:04:49

When people feel the need to discuss the goings on on a website over and over and over again just so they can get worked up and upset over it all again it's time to step back imho.

So there's another website. Big deal. And some posters who thought they were more popular than they were weren't invited to join. Oh well.

Is it the fact there's another site that people are upset? or is it the fact that people who thought they were part of the in-crowd turned out not to be? If those who are up in arms about moldies had been invited would you have said no? Somehow I don't imagine so.

Mn is a website. Moldies is a website. If friendships from here are real then they will have moved from the internet into more real forms like email/phone/meeting up in rl, in which case there should be no need for invites to other websites as you will be conversing with those friends away from the net anyway.

Fwiw I am not a moldy neither have I been invited to join, but I do have a rl friend who is. So what. I'm sure I have other rl friends who I haven't met online who do things in which I'm not included either.

Friendship is not exclusive. If I'm friends with someone doesn't mean I have a right to access every part of their life/have an entitlement to join in everything they do.

StealthPo09IsHere Sat 03-Jan-09 16:04:50

were you deemed not worth as well Flight?

Flightattendant7 Sat 03-Jan-09 16:05:58

Oi dunno, stealth. Oi hav not been 'hinformed of such grin

Probably....I wouldn't be surprised! But rather not know I think or I'd be really upset.

georgimama Sat 03-Jan-09 16:07:00

What wannabe said.

While people are obsessing here about this issue, there are people who want to be part of MN posting about real problems, or just wanting to chat, who would love you to reply.

Are any of you lawyers? Please look at my thread if so.

Threadworm Sat 03-Jan-09 16:07:30

I was activley rejected too, apparently. I think the selection process was just too chaotic for me to infer from rejection that I am actively disliked. I hope that is true.

So I would try not to worry about it too much, sinking.

Anyway, the reason I came on to this thread was to say for god's sake stop discussing moldies. I thought the discussion might die with the last thread. What on earth more os there to be said?

Enough, please.

Flightattendant7 Sat 03-Jan-09 16:08:47

Thready if anything it was probably envy that you might be more popular than they

You are very funny and nice and have good user names. IMVHO smile

seeker Sat 03-Jan-09 16:09:52

I think I would rather have been actively rejected than completely overlooked!

Threadworm Sat 03-Jan-09 16:10:03

grin That is a very kind comment, Flight.

Tortington Sat 03-Jan-09 16:10:41

i would expect a friend not to keep a secret wanabe to be fair,

and a little <shrug> for those who think it needs to be left - leave dont bump or talk about it. let those who want to - do. I don't mid it it fizzles out on its own, becuase b=people have said what they want to and that;s that - even if its said over and over again.

thats infinatley better imo hanbeing told by people to stop posting its rather like


lets draw a line under it - does anyone remember that? it was so infuriating and rude. if your done with it - then move on - if it des - great

but posters and the not starting a new thread by MNHQ shouldn't mean that those few who want to shoul be able to don't you think?

Flightattendant7 Sat 03-Jan-09 16:10:46

Lol seeker!

Georgi - I am trying to respond to my legions of needy posters at the same time as mopping tears over ere.

Somebody's got to do it wink

BBBee Sat 03-Jan-09 16:12:07

sinking - are you sure you were 'activley rejected'? from what I can make out it could be for very little things. The process was chaotic and haphazard rather than calculated and like opius dai or that bit in the film eyes wide shut.

BBBee Sat 03-Jan-09 16:13:39

agre i alwys found

really patronising.

TWINSETinapeartree Sat 03-Jan-09 16:14:06

Me too seeker!

Georgimama people are on more than one thread. I am not a lawyer so dont think I could help on your thread but hope I have on others.

I popped in thinking this was a joke and was going to pop straight back out when I saw that another MNer was upset.

dittany Sat 03-Jan-09 16:15:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StealthPo09IsHere Sat 03-Jan-09 16:16:45

Can people please just hide instead of popping on to say stop talking about it? If not, why not - please explain!

georgie, I saw your thread but can't help I'm afraid!

TWINSETinapeartree Sat 03-Jan-09 16:17:30

I think this may be briefly resurrected because of Aitch's postings last night. It made me briefly mad again but I quickly went back to thinking the other site is ridiculous.

BBBee Sat 03-Jan-09 16:18:00

i agree that they have gone on for a long time, but then new things like sinkings situation are coming to light and people want to talk about it.

It is a bit hearltess to cry 'enough already' if there are people who still need to talk about stuff.

kiltycoldbum Sat 03-Jan-09 16:21:48

ive not been around much, i do not know what moldies is, im intrigued but can live without knowing

i do however have a serious problem with the stuff in my bathroom, the ventilation is pants.

StealthPo09IsHere Sat 03-Jan-09 16:24:09

in a shower cubicle dettol mould and mildew remover is fantastic.
On a painted ceiling, some bleach on a tissue does a fairly good job

wannaBe Sat 03-Jan-09 16:25:57

sinking you sound like a stirrer tbh.

namechanging to tell people that there are moldies talking who don't want to be identified? to tell people that everyone who was rejected was rejected with good reason? hmm

kiltycoldbum Sat 03-Jan-09 16:26:20

its the very top of my walls (painted) shall try the bleach probably cheaper than buying those bottles of mould remover stuff from the shops! thanks stealth! smile

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