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I've just noticed...

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whatsername Mon 14-Mar-05 23:02:28

...that some people's names on threads have dark blue lines round the blue bit where the name and date/time of posting is, others don't...

does anyone know why???

lockets Mon 14-Mar-05 23:04:35

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Mon 14-Mar-05 23:06:11

can't see that... what thread are you talking about???

tammybear Mon 14-Mar-05 23:06:32

where abouts?

nutcracker Mon 14-Mar-05 23:06:54

Nope can't see it either

jampots Mon 14-Mar-05 23:07:35

i noticed that before - i think its when they updated the site - the names in different style boxes may have been inserted before an update

whatsername Mon 14-Mar-05 23:11:58

Hmmm, having a look I think you're right, all the ones with blue lines are old threads, see the name change one.

Thank you I will be able to sleep now I know!

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