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Why is a deleted thread still showing up in my Active Convos?

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theSuburbanDryad Sun 02-Nov-08 23:41:22


Quattrocento Sun 02-Nov-08 23:42:24

I'm a bit upset about that thread being deleted - it had moved on to Dorothy Parker and was getting, y'know, quite good ...

Sorry for Lapin btw

wessexgirl Sun 02-Nov-08 23:43:10

It's a rum do.

cheesesarnie Sun 02-Nov-08 23:47:06

is it?weird

SaTanicGore Sun 02-Nov-08 23:48:28

They usually do still show up, until they are pushed off active convos by other threads.

They tend to go pretty quickly as obviously they can't be posted on anymore and get bumped.

theSuburbanDryad Sun 02-Nov-08 23:50:43

Whole thing stinks a little bit, doesn't it?

But I suspect there's more to it than meets the eye...

RustyBear Sun 02-Nov-08 23:57:16

Quattro, you can carry on the Dorothy stuff here...

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