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is there a magic button to press so that wanted/for sale is in active convo?

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Cheesesarnie Mon 27-Oct-08 15:54:17

do i have to click to show it?????????

Cheesesarnie Mon 27-Oct-08 22:53:08

is that a no or yes?

KaplumbagaBloodyBones Mon 27-Oct-08 22:59:46

For sale/wanted are not allowed in activ convos. No magic button to press.

Cheesesarnie Mon 27-Oct-08 23:05:48

no .but i wondered if like you chose to hide/show topics if that was done with wanted/for sale now.ive not used those boards for quite a while so dont know.

KaplumbagaBloodyBones Mon 27-Oct-08 23:30:14

No they were totally removed from active convos. No option to show or hide.

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