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nutcracker Mon 07-Mar-05 21:48:25

This weekend i had my hard drive completely wiped as i had a virus and was having broadband installed so decided to start afresh.

Today broadband was installed and everything went fine until i came on MN. The computer ground to a halt and when i ran ad aware it found 3 spyware things. This only happens on MN and also happened when i used my dads computer too.
I can garuntee that if i run ad aware now it will find spyware because i have been on here.

I know MN have said before that there isn't any on MN but there must be.

pixiefish Mon 07-Mar-05 22:14:30

Are you sure that they're not tracking cookies? Keeping you password and user name etc. There are some harmless cookies attached to every site? Just a thought

nutcracker Mon 07-Mar-05 22:18:01

Erm think they were something tracker yeah but if they are harmless then why do they effect my computer sooooo badly ??

I am so not clued up about computers and hate it when things go wrong.

Have come back on here and so far (fingers crossed) it is ok.

hub2dee Tue 08-Mar-05 07:35:39

When you run the spyware fixer, it will say what it's found and either automatically, or upon your requet, generate a log of the nasties it has found.

Could you run a sweep, clean everything, visit MN and then run a sweep and post your log (edit out any personal info) and just paste what has been found ?

I am pretty sure the only things which might turn up will be a few cookies pertaining to mumsnet (that's how they remember your login), and possibly one or two from the advert insertion system which populates the top of the pages with ads.

If it's finding other, more serious things, they're probably from somewhere else I expect. You must make sure your antivirus and spyware definitions are up to date, and if connected to broadband you must either run a firewall or buy a router with a firewall built in. Ask your ISP about this.

vkr Tue 08-Mar-05 07:44:12

I am having a similar problem - I ran spybot twice and adaware once yesterday and as soon as I came back on line - mainly (but not solely to Mumsnet) I was getting the grey pop ups stating that I had spyware. DSO exploit seems to be the main one which keeps returning. Not trying to hijack the thread as I think this is the same sort of problem - without sending the computer funny

hub2dee Tue 08-Mar-05 08:17:55

Some of the scumware / Trojans are getting harder and harder to detect / fix. Sometimes rebooting will reinstall them. It is basically a losing battle.

Check daily, keep the definitions up to date and consider moving to an Apple Mac (essentially no viruses / spyware / endless rebooting)

pixiefish Tue 08-Mar-05 08:23:30

just had another thought. if you're running XP then i recommend that you download the service pack2. it's free from the microsoft site. think that should sort you out

grumpyfrumpy Tue 08-Mar-05 08:57:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vkr Tue 08-Mar-05 09:50:23

thank you so much - will try this later

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