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Mumsnet not going to the Baby Show

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-Oct-08 12:31:33

As some of you may we've been umming and ahhing about whether to have a stall at the forthcoming Baby Show because it came to our attention that the organisers also host an arms fair. See this thread for the reasons/debate. Well we've cogitated, ruminated and whatever else that annoying Canadian bloke does, and we've decided not to go.

In truth we are still a bit in two minds about this - as it seems the Mumsnet community is - but we feel we need to do a bit more research/ thinking on it and generally think that it's best to err on the side of caution.

Obviously we think nasty weapons sales to evil regimes is bad - that's an easy one. Whether Clarion (the events organiser) and by extension the Baby Show should be held responsible for organising a legal event however is slightly more tricky in our minds at least. And something we'd like to think about a little more before we start banging a campaign drum about it.

Thanks to all for your input - please do continue to add your thoughts/perspective as it's very helpful for us and sorry to all those who offered to represent us at the Baby Show and who will be disappointed not to go there. We appreciate the offer of your time and hopefully they'll be other events.


PrisonerOfWaugh Mon 12-Mar-12 10:22:43

Look at some of the names that posted <sob>

(was like putting on an old comfy coat that fit)

BerryLellow Mon 12-Mar-12 10:28:33

I was just reading this thinking oh look Policywonk and VictorianSqualor are posting, how nice. Durrrr

How on earth did this pop up? confused

mrstiggywinks Thu 03-May-12 15:52:46

Could mumsnet have their own event please! I was planning on attending the baby show but now having second thoughts. Could do with some bargains before I pop sad

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