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HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 23:48:05

Why is the MN icon (created when I put a shortcut to MN on my desktop - addicted, moi?!) different from the usual IE ones?

turquoise Thu 03-Mar-05 23:51:10

Hehehe - thought this was going to be another popularity punch up!
Don't know the answer btw

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 23:51:44

Would I post something that inflammatory?

turquoise Thu 03-Mar-05 23:52:59

And the nominations are...

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 23:54:00

turquoise, you are braver than me!

turquoise Thu 03-Mar-05 23:57:13

<<bats eyelashes>>
Wouldn't really.

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 23:58:04

People keep saying breast v bottle is contentious, but I've yet to see evidence of that.

turquoise Thu 03-Mar-05 23:58:54


LeTech Fri 04-Mar-05 16:44:26

Hi there

Can you tell me what the icon looks like?

Not a problem I've ever encountered before I think

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 16:46:54

It's a grey square with a black "m" in the mumsnet font in it, with a white line underneath it. It's not a problem, I was just wondering! Too nosey by half!

LeTech Fri 04-Mar-05 16:58:38


Doesn't do that on any of my browsers [puzzled emoticon]. Probably something to do with which version of the web browser you are using.

Perhaps big Tech has added something in there

Rachel (mumsnet) Fri 04-Mar-05 16:58:43

Hi Hunkermunker

Could you give us a bit more info? we're a bit confused as to what you mean!

Snugs Fri 04-Mar-05 17:00:40

The icon in my favourites list is like that.

hoxtonchick Fri 04-Mar-05 17:01:07

i sometimes have this, on firefox & explorer. it's the m of the mumsnet logo i think.

Snugs Fri 04-Mar-05 17:05:48

Yes, it does look like that (on mine anyway). Have just checked and it does it if I put shortcut on desktop as well. I use IE with Windows XP

thedogmother Fri 04-Mar-05 17:10:41

Mines like that too, on my favourites list. There are some other that are different, perhaps it's just the way the site is set up.

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 17:10:50

If I right-click on an MN page, then click on create shortcut, the icon that's created on my desktop is as I described earlier on this thread.

(Glad it's not just me it happens to!)

It's not something I mind, it's not a problem, I was just being nosey

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 17:11:44

It does it in my favourites list too. I use version 6.0 of IE.

LeTech Fri 04-Mar-05 17:19:30

[light dawns] Yes it does for me if I use IE as well.

Its just the Icon file which you see in the address bar. You can set your web site to show this in favourites and in the address bar. I don't use IE so haven't come across the 'shortcut on desktop' thingy.

Just Mnet making it easier to get find Talk (like anyone has a problem with finding it )

HunkerMunker Fri 04-Mar-05 17:25:59

I'd never noticed it in the address bar

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