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hiding threads

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bundle Wed 08-Oct-08 17:44:24

hi big/small/inbetweeny tech

I'm trying to hide Baby Massage in Islington and it keeps on popping back up in active convos, which is mildly irritating

is this a bug? can anything be done?

thanks v much, bundle x

FabioCatello Wed 08-Oct-08 17:46:15

It may be because Islington is one of your local sites.

bundle Wed 08-Oct-08 17:47:20

so I can't hide it?

littlelapin Wed 08-Oct-08 17:47:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Wed 08-Oct-08 17:48:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Wed 08-Oct-08 17:48:17


I don't know why, I'm just irritated by it blush

NomDePlume Wed 08-Oct-08 17:48:58

are you so offended by baby massage in islington ? does the very idea of it make your teeth itch ?


GordonTheGhoul Wed 08-Oct-08 17:49:07

<<hides thread>>


bundle Wed 08-Oct-08 17:52:02


I'm sooooo over babymassage grin

specially in Islington

FabioCatello Wed 08-Oct-08 17:52:11

lol Gordon
Once you have posted you can never fully hide.
Unless you never open 'threads I'm on'

Once you have posted you can never fully hide.
New mn motto?

bundle Wed 08-Oct-08 17:53:21

I don't mind it being in threads I'm on

it's active convos....(thinks of changing her mn local area)

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