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Is anyone else having glitches this morning?

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LaTrucha Sun 28-Sep-08 12:31:54

Mumsnet has gone all weird on me. I posted something three times this morning because I couldn't see that it had successfully posted. It never appeared on 'active conversations' or my 'threads I'm on'.

Other thread I posted on didn't come up on my 'threads I'm on' wither.


LaTrucha Sun 28-Sep-08 12:32:40

It's happened again!

pgwithnumber3 Sun 28-Sep-08 12:32:46

My "threads Im on" page didn't show up for a while yesterday.

LaTrucha Sun 28-Sep-08 12:35:05

Did your threads show on active convos?

SoupDragon Sun 28-Sep-08 12:36:35

It's the new quality control content filter. The post you made wasn't either

a) important enough
b) witty enough
c) praising Mumsnet.

LaTrucha Sun 28-Sep-08 12:45:49

It was about soup.

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