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Are we back.......

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FAQ Thu 25-Sep-08 23:58:14

for real now??

WhatsupDoc Thu 25-Sep-08 23:59:01

<whispers> I think so!

RTKangaMummy Thu 25-Sep-08 23:59:11


RTKangaMummy Thu 25-Sep-08 23:59:31

I loved the test card piccy


LadyOfWaffle Thu 25-Sep-08 23:59:33

oh phew - people!

IdrisTheDragon Fri 26-Sep-08 00:00:13


FAQ Fri 26-Sep-08 00:00:28

well we came back 1/2hr or so ago didn't we...then we lost the test card and got horrible server not responding messages......

<<<<<<<<<<<doesn't want to get her hopes up>>>>>>>>>

IdrisTheDragon Fri 26-Sep-08 00:01:27

I only had test card and then server not responding

WhatsupDoc Fri 26-Sep-08 00:03:03

I'm responding
Breaker 1-2-3
Yep I'm definitely here

psychomum5 Fri 26-Sep-08 00:04:14

By Slur on Fri 26-Sep-08 00:24:49
See exactly like CERN then

<<anyone noticing the timewarp yet??>>

IdrisTheDragon Fri 26-Sep-08 00:04:45

What is on the test threads I wonder? If I try getting into them it says they don't exist any more.

SparklyGothKat Fri 26-Sep-08 00:10:03

loved the test card!!

They say TEST, i got on briefly about 15 minutes ago lol

IHaveSmokedAlot Fri 26-Sep-08 00:11:28

I have no fags left nowhmm

Dam tech and his much needed tinkerings!!grin

RTKangaMummy Fri 26-Sep-08 00:19:05

The time on the clock thingy is wrong though

Isn't it?

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