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Is the new server the equivalent of the large Hadron collider?

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Kewclotter Thu 25-Sep-08 17:30:30

Are we all going to get sucked into a black whole with swirling fruit shoots, norks and emoticon and pop out in a parallel universe?

And will it breakdown after two weeks?

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Thu 25-Sep-08 17:51:06


Kewclotter Thu 25-Sep-08 20:01:25

No to which bit?

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 01:38:15

All of it!

SuperBunny Fri 26-Sep-08 01:50:22

Oooo, does this mean the site won't go down at 4am every day? <excited>

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 01:57:15

SuperBunny, we hope to be able to move to that soon. For now we still need the nightly downtime in order to do backups. However, once the new kit has bedded in we hope to be able to use an alternative which will mean no more downtime.

SuperBunny Fri 26-Sep-08 02:02:06

Oh, ok. Sounds promising. Thanks for working on it smile

I liked the pic that was up earlier when MN was down!

MrsJohnCusack Fri 26-Sep-08 03:11:55

a black WHOLE Kew?

Kewclotter Fri 26-Sep-08 09:03:32

whole "hole" I blame the steriods blush

I'm sick you can;t pick on me.

So we're still here then...

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 09:07:27

it's not massively faster though is it?

and tech-that is in no way a criticism of you . at all.

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 09:08:25

21 seconds for that post to post iyswim.

i know it's not an imporant post but 21 seconds is a bit slow.

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 09:36:16

"it's not massively faster though is it?"

Right now, no it's not faster at all, but then we didn't expect it to be. The only times when you'll notice a difference are when it gets really busy. Whereas it used to become unbearably slow between about 7 and 10pm, now it should zip along nicely even during those peak periods. We just have to wait until one of those periods to find out if it's all worked as planned!

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 09:37:20

21 seconds is not good at all. Are all your posts taking that long? If so there is definitely a problem somewhere.

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 09:44:21

not all of them no. it seems intermittent. some are ok and normal and some excrucuiatingly slow. earlier-i made a phone call and checked my emails in the time it took for a thread to load.

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 09:48:14

Threads are loading in a second or two in general so it sounds like an ad problem. We still have problems with some ads and it's going to take us a while longer to solve those unfortunately. The question is, on the slow ones, when the page finally comes up in your browser, is it always the same ad that is the first to appear?

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 09:52:40

not sure tech. haven't paid enough attention. i will try watch and see and report backsmile

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 09:56:49

Sorry, I know it's a pain!

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 10:02:29

it's ok.

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 10:46:48

ok-it just took 50shock seconds for active convos to load!!!!shock

clicked 'threads i am on ' to find this to repoert back but it also took silly time! no adverts on thos pages.or no obvious ones anyway

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 10:47:09

and yet that posted immediately. weird.

FAQ Fri 26-Sep-08 10:50:27

been fine for me all morning (and yes I've been on here all morning blush)

themildmannneredjanitor Fri 26-Sep-08 10:54:43

me too!grin

whispers...[i'm still in my dressing gown]

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Fri 26-Sep-08 11:02:39

"clicked 'threads i am on ' to find this to repoert back but it also took silly time! no adverts on thos pages.or no obvious ones anyway"

There should be ads on those pages, so what you have done is confirm that it's definitely an ad problem - it's spending some time trying to load the ad and then giving up. It's not doing it for anyone here so it's very hard to pin down.

Hopefully a pattern will emerge and we can then talk to the ad serving people about sorting it out.

Kewclotter Fri 26-Sep-08 13:38:05

its the black hole sucking the life out of the banners...

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