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I don't think I like it...

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HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:18:39

Why am I uncomfortable with seeing what my fellow MNetters look like?

Gwenick Thu 24-Feb-05 23:20:14

because you're scared we're all more beauiful than you

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:21:09

No, I know that's not possible

stupidgirl Thu 24-Feb-05 23:22:28

I have to say I agree HM. I like the anonymity of MN.

zaphod Thu 24-Feb-05 23:22:28

After seeing Lou33's picture, I am SURE you are all more beautiful than me.

lou33 Thu 24-Feb-05 23:23:59

i'm fascinated by it all

stupidgirl Thu 24-Feb-05 23:24:55

Bloody hell, see what you mean about Lou's pic

Gwenick Thu 24-Feb-05 23:25:08

well you don't HAVE to post a photo

sallystrawberry Thu 24-Feb-05 23:25:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lockets Thu 24-Feb-05 23:25:26

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:26:38

I suppose it's good for people who have posted links to pics on other sites (photobucket, etc) after the password-changing thing last month, but I still prefer words on a screen with sprinklings of emoticons.

I have stopped using babyworld because their forums are stupidly OTT with tickers (seriously - one for each child, one for where you are in your cycle, one for when the washing machine repairman's due next, library books due back, next got to go and bay at the full moon, etc, etc), pictures, colours, fonts, etc - PLEASE don't let MN go the same

toomanypushchairs Thu 24-Feb-05 23:27:39

I like anonymity aswell, so I won't be posting my ugly picture, but am fascinated to see what mn's look like. some of them not as young/old as I imagined. might post my kiddies pics though!

Gwenick Thu 24-Feb-05 23:27:48

HM - I had absolute confirmation today - BW will be changing the antenatal groups over later in the year - I'm gutter

toomanypushchairs Thu 24-Feb-05 23:28:07

my dh says, no I won't. you can't put kiddies pics on the internet!

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:28:55

Gwenick about BW antenatal clubs going to the new format. But I'm in touch with people on mine, and should I get pg again, I'm not joining another bw one - why would I when I have MN?!

stupidgirl Thu 24-Feb-05 23:29:17

Nobody looks remotely like I have imagined them. It's kinda weird. I like not knowing who I'm talking to.

No danger of me posting a pic, I don't do photos.

Gwenick Thu 24-Feb-05 23:30:49

I know it's awful - still now I know how to do pictures I'm tempted to upload my picture to a free webpage and plaster it all over the BW forums

Xena Thu 24-Feb-05 23:30:52

I would break all the screens on your computers if I posted my photo and then you would all sue me

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:31:03

I think it's because people don't 'look like' their chatnames (even Twiglett, I was disappointed to see ). Not sure what a HunkerMunker looks like though...

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 23:31:49

I was very tempted to do a ticker for all kinds of things and post using them all

suzywong Thu 24-Feb-05 23:39:07

I like seeing people's kids but I agree about prefering the anonymity of the actuall MNers

marthamoo Thu 24-Feb-05 23:40:49

I know what you mean - odd isn't it?

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