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any chance we can have a bit more freedom to choose/hide/highlight/order threads in' threads im on'?

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ChupitosGalore Sun 14-Sep-08 20:36:13

it would be nice to be able to hide ones you post oin once but know you wont go back to after a couple fo hours or so

and useful to somehow highlihght or 'sticky' threads you do want to track and not forget about

fanks smile

NappiesGalore Mon 15-Sep-08 22:35:10


im still here y'know.....


SlartyBartFast Mon 15-Sep-08 22:37:21

well you can watch, and you can hide them and if you have posted on them you will get them under My Threads.

MmeLindt Mon 15-Sep-08 22:37:49

I would love this option for the FOOC thread as I sometimes don't have anything interesting to post and it drops so far down my "threads I am on" that I have to search for it.

Twinklemegan Mon 15-Sep-08 22:42:51

I'd like this option for threads I post on and then regret. They stay there haunting me for days and I end up getting drawn in again.

NappiesGalore Mon 15-Sep-08 22:57:52

exactly twinklemegan and mme lindt. those are two fine examples of why i want this. get to work techs! [cracks whip]

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Sep-08 23:01:02

We will most certainly raise the possibility - it all makes sense - and report back.

QuintessentialShadow Mon 15-Sep-08 23:03:47

It is a little sad if you post a thread, and a few days later, somebody replies, but you dont know because it has fallen off "threads I am on"

Yes. I know. I post too much.

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 23:07:32

can you not do that in 'threads to watch'
I have my book club thread in there!

NappiesGalore Mon 15-Sep-08 23:08:03

yes, the 3 day limit is not good either.
more editorial freedom with our threads im on pls techs!
[or maybe^ i should pull my head out the pooter and spenmd more time with my dc....hmmm...[muses]... Nahhhh, daft idea that! grin]

NappiesGalore Mon 15-Sep-08 23:09:38

no psycho. thread im watching is all full of threads i mean to do something about something mentioned therein. only i dont do it, so in true procrastinators fashion i cant look for fear of guilt complex.

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 23:11:30


bit like my answer phone messages occasionallyblush

it would be easier I agree with it all in one bit, and to also hide ones without having to push them off your list of ones you are trying to keep

IYGWIM....not sure I made sense to me then!

RustyBear Mon 15-Sep-08 23:12:57

You don't have to stick with the 3 day limit though - you can have up to 7 days. It does mean you get a lot of threads you've lost interest in though, so it would be good to be able to hide them

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 23:14:41

well....I have the seven day limit, but cos I am here too much and post on too many, I knock them off within a day cos the limit is 51.

I mean, why can we not have a limit of like, 250 or know, for us hardcore ones like....

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 23:15:35

and now my brain is officially dead as my last post sounded like my 14yr old DD wrote itblush

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