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Repeat posting epidemic!

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Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 20:51:30

Judging by the abundance of multiple repeat postings (you know, the same comment left three times) on all kinds of threads at the moment, I'm concluding I'm not the only one having issues with the speed of my broadband/server today....grin

YetMoreTech (MNHQ) Mon 08-Sep-08 21:33:36

Can you help us out a bit here by telling me exactly what happens? Do you type your post and click "Post Message" and then because nothing happens for some period of time (presumably what feels like a long time to you), you click "Post Message" again?

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 21:36:00

This keeps happening to me. I only click post message once, it takes ages to load, I don't click again but I get 2 posts. They are sometimes only 1 second apart. Very odd.

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 22:21:48

Yes, I assume it's people getting frustrated with how long it takes to load and then click again (and again and again) but perhaps I'm wrong per Avenalife...sorry, should point out that it's not actually happening to me, but I am getting very slow response today both on home and work computer so figured it might be site specific. I saw how many multiple posts there were and assumed others having similar probs and were hitting post message again and again

Just seems like an awful lot are on the site today - check out the thread on AIBU which is about a 14 month old being sent to bed without dinner because she wanted a banana instead of soup.

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 22:39:04

I'm avoiding that thread. angry

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:00:06

Me too (now!) - sort of one where every comment is the same anyway, including my own!

I'm now on to woman who thinks it might be a good idea to offer to BF her mates 3 weeks old because she's not getting the hang of it. Oh, and someone who was served pre-sucked orange at their local takeaway...

Happy MNetting!

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:06:41

Lol! I've just abandoned the thread where zippi's had a letter from her first boyfriend. Way to sweet!

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:08:20

oh no - i just got sucked back into bananagate (my title for the thread). I should go to bed - DH went an hour ago and he even made us Horlicks...

GrimmaTheNome Mon 08-Sep-08 23:11:18

I double-posted when the first attempt it went to a 'server not found' page. I backed up and tried again assuming the first try would have failed.

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:13:49

Too many posts on bananagate. I can't be bothered to go through them all. It's very mean IMO though.

I've got loads of double posts Grimma. I've now stoped apologising.

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:18:21

Yeah, I agree. Mean, and misguided and I think the OP got the message and now has tail firmly between her legs, bless her (or something).

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:22:42

It was brave of her to post this though. At least she knows it's not a good idea now. grin

Did you not want your horlicks?

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:27:08

probably cold with skin on it now - and he'll be pretending to be asleep and then huff and puff now I'm late to bed cos i've been mainlining MN for over two hours. I'm still getting over some jet lag - well, that's my excuse anyhoo.

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:30:40

grin It's a bit sad on here tonight. There seems to be alot of bereavement. I've joined the facebook thread though, the orange one was a bit gross!
Have you been on holiday?

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:35:55

Yes, went to Florida for two weeks - is that chavvy? Not to disney resort, but to a condo on the beach. We did go to seaworld though, and magic kingdom. We also nearly got blown away by a hurricane.

Yes, lots of bereavement tonight. I've posted for OJ, just cos I lost my dad to cancer in Feb, but don't worry, I'm not in the mood for getting into all that - just posted on your pizza thread - get busy posting back! grin

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:39:09

Florida sounds lovely. We don't go on any alot of holidays. I was given tickets for eurostar from eurostar so we're off to Paris at some point. ds is at a private school because he's got too many brain cells and the locl schools can't cope. hmm

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:48:16

Well, Florida has skinted us, not that it' a competition to be the most skint or anything. I did a less light hearted post the other night about my mad spendaholic obsessions now that we officially have no cash, DH being made redundant a while ago. We booked fancy hols and paid for flights before that happened...

Did you manage scholorship for your DS, or is it paying fees that makes money tight? We haven't entered that whole state vs private quandry yet as eldest LO only 3, but we are in London, and not many great schools by us.

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:51:35

No, they don't do them until he's 11 sad. I have some things in the pipeline (ever resourceful). It's the fees that make money tight, I have not paid them yet though. It's a nightmare. He doesn't do well in a big class though. He's at a lovely school that doesn't mind that he's a bright oddball. It's a PITA though.

Sycamoretree Mon 08-Sep-08 23:55:07

The things we do for our kids eh, at least you know he's happy where he is - that's the main thing. Well, I'm finally off to confront the cold milk-based drink that is no doubt on my bedside table and retire to bed. I draw the line at midnight - my skin can't take it. Lovely chatting - night night.

AvenaLife Mon 08-Sep-08 23:57:24

Night. smile

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