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Tech - can I ask for yet another enhancement to the search facility?

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Prufrock Tue 22-Feb-05 09:52:25

Would it be possible to alter teh find new messages search to give the option of finding new messages, or just brand new threads, within your search crteria?
I tend to either post or watch any threads that interest me, so when I next search I don't want to bring up all the new messages on threads I already know I am not interested in. But if I just use threads I'm on or watching I miss out on new discussions.
I'm know you are very very busy but I'm sure such a thing would be siple for a man of your considerable talants and I really would be immensly grateful [sycophantic fawning icon]

Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-Feb-05 18:48:51

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll add this to our topics for discussion in our next mumsnet meeting (early March) and let you know.

Thanks again

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