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What's with all these ghastly ads?!

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PrettyCandles Thu 17-Feb-05 14:49:19

that keep openign up in new windows, one after another, and each time one opens it makes the main window jump and I lose what I've been typing?

It is seriously annoying.

OK, y ou've got to sell ad space, but this is excessive.

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 14:50:37

don't you have a pop-up blocker .. you can download them from or elsewhere

I never get pop-ups any more

PrettyCandles Thu 17-Feb-05 14:50:47

Sainsbury's, Salon Lines and Show Creative have all opened in the few seconds since I started this thread.

Which took three attempts because of these b***d pop-ups knocking me about.

strawberry Thu 17-Feb-05 14:52:06

Go to and download their free version of pop-up stopper.

PrettyCandles Thu 17-Feb-05 14:52:40

But this is new. Until a couple of weeks ago I was only getting one ad when I first opened up the Mumsnet site. OK, perfectly tolerable. Then a few days ago I started getting two Sainsbury's ads. OK, irritating, but tolerable. Now I'm getting as many as half-a-dozen.

Cod Thu 17-Feb-05 14:53:23

Message withdrawn

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 17-Feb-05 15:08:56

Don't know why this is happening PrettyCandles - 2 pop-unders capped at one view per day on non-talk pages is what we have agreed to. Think we might just ditch the whole thing as it's proving way too irritating for everyone. Apologies all.

Cod Thu 17-Feb-05 15:09:51

Message withdrawn

pixel Thu 17-Feb-05 19:13:03

I don't usually have to worry about pop-ups on this site but today the blocker is clicking away like mad so I know a lot are trying to come through. I thought it was just my laptop until I saw this thread.

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 17-Feb-05 19:33:21

As soon as Tech gets back from his late night shopping we is dropping it, honest .

Beetroot Thu 17-Feb-05 23:18:14

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 17-Feb-05 23:18:38

Message withdrawn

tech (MNHQ) Fri 18-Feb-05 06:17:14

Hi, these are all gone away now.


PrettyCandles Fri 18-Feb-05 13:05:40

Bliss, thankyou. I gave up last night - I didn't manage to keep up with shutting the ads down, and eventually there were so many up that they crashed my system.

milge Fri 18-Feb-05 13:28:12

Brilliant news, thank you MN

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