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Please ignore this thread it's just for me to practice

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handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 12:12:07

doing links - which I have never been able to master. So please read no further and look at something more interesting.

It's quite embarrassing to have to practice so publicly (as it won't work first time) but can't think of any other way.

Here goes: irrelevent

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 12:12:47

Well done you did it

I took about 3 weeks of constantly getting it wrong for it to work

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 12:12:55

OMG it worked!!!

I've tried that perhaps a dozen times before and have always cocked it up previously

littlemissbossy Wed 16-Feb-05 12:13:24

sorry, just being nosey
don't worry links don't always work for me either

snafu Wed 16-Feb-05 12:13:27

Can we try and make this the longest ever thread on MN?

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 12:13:30

Thanks Gwenick. You weren't supposed to be looking

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 12:14:03

I know HMC - but if you put 'ignore' in a thread title then people are always going to look in

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 12:14:16

GO AWAY littlemissbossy and Snafu!!!!

Bloody voyeurs

anorak Wed 16-Feb-05 12:21:20

Sorry but a thread title like that is irresistible!

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 12:24:51

Tsk! Tsk! (mock irritation, but really quite pleased that people have noticed my first successful link attempt - no longer a technophobe luddite)

Surfermum Wed 16-Feb-05 12:31:25

Well I'm impressed as I can't do links either.

WigWamBam Wed 16-Feb-05 14:00:07

Erm - if you had just previewed the message instead of posting it, you could have checked whether you had got your link right or not from the preview ... wouldn't have been quite so public then

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Feb-05 14:03:42

But then we wouldn't have had the fun of not ignoring the thread .

Ask a woman to ignore indeed!

Twiglett Wed 16-Feb-05 14:05:08

don't you tell me what to do


WigWamBam Wed 16-Feb-05 14:05:56

Oh, I know ... I was just stirring a little (and bumping this back up into Active Convos so that we can prolong the not ignoring

morningpaper Wed 16-Feb-05 14:06:19

*reading it all*

Twiglett Wed 16-Feb-05 14:06:55

wouldn't mind I even clicked on the link .. that's how sad I am

I was totally expecting the bat though

littlemissbossy Wed 16-Feb-05 14:07:42

don't you tell me to go away

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Feb-05 14:07:56

I clicked on the link too .

WigWamBam Wed 16-Feb-05 14:08:33

So did I ... never let a link go unclicked. Unless it's the bat

Gwenick Wed 16-Feb-05 14:09:49

I also always click on links that have got a different person name in the thread just to be nosey and see what it's about

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Feb-05 14:11:42

What bat?

PiccadillyCircus Wed 16-Feb-05 14:12:09

Did you miss the bat

WigWamBam Wed 16-Feb-05 14:13:37

Oh no - don't resurrect the bat, please don't resurrect the bat ...

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Feb-05 14:14:53

If you don't want to resurrect the bat, you could always ignore this thread

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