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Anyone else getting these adverts?

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tillykins Sun 13-Feb-05 14:50:17

Whenever I log into mumsnet lately I get these two windows opening as well, one for some shopping survey and one for total rejuvenation somethingorother (which I could certainly do with )
Is it me or is it something on the site?

tillykins Sun 13-Feb-05 15:39:58

Just me then

Hulababy Sun 13-Feb-05 15:40:59

I come straight into Talk, and haven't had these come up.

ponygirl Sun 13-Feb-05 15:41:35

No tillykins, I'm not getting them!

LeTech Mon 14-Feb-05 11:52:48

Sounds like you may have some spyware on your PC. Sometimes these programs get installed on your computer and do things like that and are very hard to get rid of by hand.

If it is always happening try visiting AdAware and downloading the personal edition (which is free). This will scan your computer and remove lots of nasties.

You could also try not using Internet Explorer and using Firefox instead which is much safer for general surfing the web. If you are not happy making changes on your computer best not do this though

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