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Does your child have asthma/dust allergies and do you want to spend a day at Dyson HQ learning about allergies (and get a free Dyson Allergy vacuum cleaner?)

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 31-Jul-08 14:46:12

Hi there

Dyson want to invite five Mumsnetters who have children who suffer from asthma and/or dust allergies to visit their HQ in Wiltshire on Tuesday 9th September. During the course of the day the Dyson microbiologists will examine a sample of your dust to let you know what's lurking in your carpets shock and offer advice and tips on how to keep allergens at bay. Dyson will cover any transport costs and give you a Dyson Allergy vacuum cleaner for your troubles smile

All Dyson ask in return is that you come back and tell everyone else on Mumsnet all about your new-found dust busting tips later in September.

If your family fit the allergy bill, you know you're free on the 9th and fancy a day out and a new Dyson - you can sign up here



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