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Question for Tech (idle curiosity!)

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HunkerMunker Sat 05-Feb-05 01:58:42

How many threads and individual posts are there on MN?

Can you put a 'x no of posts today' on the site or would that be crap?

Do I need to go to bed and stop having rubbish ideas?

Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 02:09:46

Also can you do a 'number of users online' and 'most number of users online' thing???

Justine (mumsnet) Sat 05-Feb-05 14:40:10

Hi there,
All interesting thoughts - we'll have a think about them. My hunch is that they may not be priorities, though, as we are working on some quite large projects at the moment to do with automating parts of the site like the reviews and some of the clubs. Plus we're redesigning the classified/ buying and selling area and our method of publishing pages. In other words Tech's got a to do list as long as a very long thingy and so unless folks feel these changes would make a material difference to their enjoyment of the site... we may not get round to them urgently. Thanks very much though for the suggestions.
Justine, Carrie and Rachel

HunkerMunker Sat 05-Feb-05 14:47:13

Hey, that's fine! Thanks for the reply. I was just pondering things. I like Gwenick's ideas too - but realise that Tech is a busy person and has lots of top secret hush hush priorities (like Bunglie's spellchecker ).

Joolstoo Sat 05-Feb-05 14:52:14

Not rubbish - I like those ideas!

HunkerMunker Sat 05-Feb-05 14:55:22


Gwenick Sat 05-Feb-05 21:59:01

- I have to confess I don't use any other part of MN apart from the forums

nightowl Sat 05-Feb-05 22:03:41

nor me...not keen on the idea people knew i was online i must admit. hate those forums that list who is looking at a certain thread.

HunkerMunker Sun 06-Feb-05 00:17:43

Ooh, no, not who's online, nor who's looking at certain threads - eek to those ideas! Just boring old numbers really

spod Sun 06-Feb-05 00:21:12

i love knowing who is online,,,, especially if you're trying to get hold of someone inparticular

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:22:00

me too - and those that don't want to be shown online can usually choose to be 'anonymous' (sp)

redsky Sun 06-Feb-05 00:22:21

good thinking HM!

spod Sun 06-Feb-05 00:27:02

and i love numbers.... how many online, that would be great! i'd check it out!

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:28:40

how many online would especially useful for those of us who like to browse at odd hours (ie past 1am etc) that way we'd know whether it was worth our while posting/hanging around - or whether we should go to bed and wait until there were more around.

spod Sun 06-Feb-05 00:30:45

good point qwenick

HunkerMunker Sun 06-Feb-05 00:33:31

How many, I definitely like. Who...not so sure about. I don't think it fits with MN somehow - if I want to lurk and not post (yeah, like I can ever not post!) I don't want to fanny around with making myself anonymous. Ooh, aren't I lazy?!

spod Sun 06-Feb-05 00:34:32

i think it would be great to see who's lurking!

spod Sun 06-Feb-05 00:36:59

is there always a techie online then?

Tinker Sun 06-Feb-05 00:47:11

Big Nooooo to displaying lurkers and agree with HM, don't see why I should have to go to the hassle of making myself anonymous. If anything, it should be an opt in thing.

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:51:34

why is it it that big a deal? Virtually all PHP type forums (of which the vast majority online are) have it?

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:52:35

oh and they don't show exactly who's online 'now' as they only show who's been online in the last 15 minutes (so you could have left 15 minutes ago and still be showing).

Tinker Sun 06-Feb-05 00:53:24

Because the joy of MN is that it is not like all other sites.

Gwenick Sun 06-Feb-05 00:57:29

I know it's not - still don't see what the problem is with it .

Anyhow, must off and sleep - spent the last 1 1/2hrs googling

furniture "request a brochure" and filling in the details in as many as possible LOL - plus we've travelled miles today (visiting furniture shops) and I'm not a great traveller so I'm knackered.

Night all

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Feb-05 09:20:57

Agree with Tinker, I don't want to be shown as online either. And mumsnet is different and I'm glad of it too.

WigWamBam Sun 06-Feb-05 16:55:35

I hate the idea of people knowing I'm online - and I hate even more the idea of people knowing that I'm lurking on a thread. Why should other people know where I am and what I'm doing? It feels like being spied on.

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