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MN Towers can you please stop....

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Shitemum Thu 10-Jul-08 22:29:03

...starting threads about competitions with thread titles that imply that they really are for anyone to enter when in fact you have to be resident in the UK to enter? Thanks.

Do you in fact ever have any competitions that people outside the UK are allowed to enter or are they all linked to UK-based market research?

angry and sad

SNoraWotzThat Thu 10-Jul-08 22:34:20

it is a .com site after all
not a


Shitemum Thu 10-Jul-08 22:44:54

I just find it really annoying.

You could argue that I would have no use for Ocado vouchers, or whatever, if I were to win them - wrong, I have relatives in the UK that I could give them to and I spend about 6 weeks there every year.

KerryMum Thu 10-Jul-08 22:48:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shitemum Thu 10-Jul-08 22:49:57

Yes, could we maybe, just occasionally, have a comp that anyone, anywhere in the world can enter? Please?

Califrau Thu 10-Jul-08 22:53:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shitemum Thu 10-Jul-08 23:02:42

Califrau - hmm, I suppose there's nothing to stop me entering and pretending I live in the UK, is there? If I win I can just give my Mum's address...

Califrau Thu 10-Jul-08 23:23:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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