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HELP I dont understand the lingo on here!!

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TiredBunny Tue 01-Feb-05 23:59:16

Can anyone explain the short terms people on here use like dd etc... maybe I am just being really stoooopid!

Gwenick Wed 02-Feb-05 00:00:18

Click on the link above in the 'useful stuff' - Acronym List it's called gives you a list of all the commons ones :-)

sparklymieow Wed 02-Feb-05 00:01:25

dd=darling daughter
ds=darling son
dh=darling hubby
dp=darling partner
IYKWIM=if you know what I mean
PMSL=p*ssing myself laughing
MIL=mother in law
FIL=father in law

TiredBunny Wed 02-Feb-05 00:01:32

Thanks .... will do.... was embarrased to ask.... I'm new on here!!

TiredBunny Wed 02-Feb-05 00:04:34

Maybe I should add a new one... DPWHFLI.... Darling Partner When He Feels Like It.... conversation for another thread think!!!!

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