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Any Techs about? Is there any adware/spyware on MN???

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Demented Sat 15-Jan-05 12:37:20

I have been having real problems with Adware/spyware loading onto my machine, having removed all the programmes with Spyware Doctor (and imunized the machine) and running Norton etc they keep coming back. Basically MN is just about the only site I visit, the Mothercare ad sometimes causes problems with my machine at times it comes up across the screen where it shouldn't be and I get a message telling me that something is trying to install and do I want to block it.

I have told my DH I'm sure it's nothing to do with MN but it's driving him nuts as I need my computer for work and three times this week he has spent ages trying to rid it of these things.

Justine (mumsnet) Sat 15-Jan-05 14:30:48

Hi there,
I've mailed Tech about this - hopefully he'll be back with an answer soon.

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 14:40:20

Don't forget to ask him about a spellchecker PLEASE [crawl]emoticon

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:04:18

Bunglie! You really are incorrigible!

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 15:14:41

I'm "In......" what? Sorry don't have a spellchecker so can't spell it

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:20:22

You're beyond redemption!

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 15:29:43

Re.....what, sorry need that spellchecker

Many apologies Demented for hijacking your thread, it was WigWamBams fault, but I am sure that Justine (mumsnet) will get back t9o you.

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:34:46

OK - in words of one syllable ...

You're bad!

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 15:37:15

B-A-D, nope still don't get it...can we have a thesaurus as well please Justine?

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 15:37:53

One more try ...

Bunglie, you are a very norty girl.

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 15:40:33

I'm sorry...
<Hangs head in shame and scuttles off to the Padders Pad>

Demented hope you get your problem sorted....could you ask for a spellchecker for me please

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 16:29:02


WamBamSham Sat 15-Jan-05 16:31:23

iota Sat 15-Jan-05 16:37:04

bunglie - if you're that bothered about spelling, why don't you write your posts in Word and copy and paste them?

MrsBigD Sat 15-Jan-05 16:50:26

we've got problems with addware/spyware too, but I don't think it's related to mumsnet as most of them seem to end up in dh's directory, but I did have a few myself.

But... if you have installed the latest smiley program that was available online, you know... all these great new animated emoticons... they're addware central

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 17:13:10

Two things, I do have addware and once 'it' had settled down I have had no problem with it, but I did to start with.
I have tried using the spellchecker on 'Word' but let's be honest it is a long way 'round just to post. Quite a lot of sites do have spellcheckers on them. I am not really that bothered about my spelling, but I have made some awful typo's in the past and I just thought it would be useful. I just wonder if it is possible to add it, as I said many other sites do have it and I find it very useful.
I guess that I am too lazy to type it in 'word' and then cut and paste.
Is it just me who would like a spellchecker, I suspect it is!
Who is WigWamSham?

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 17:15:41

Sorry that should have been who is WamBamSham....Is it you WWB?

SenoraPostrophe Sat 15-Jan-05 17:21:38

adware/spyware is usually installed alonside other programmes (eg Kazaa, gozilla). Some very dodgy sites also try to put them onto your machine, but you would always see a "do you want to download..." prompt.

Some of the mumsnet ads are Flash though and if you don't have flash on your machine you may get a prompt. my guess is that either you need to try another adware programme, or there's a problem with the "immunisation" that Spydoctor does.

What exactly does the prompt say?

SenoraPostrophe Sat 15-Jan-05 17:22:44

ps who wants a spellchecker? bad spelling adds karacter.

WigWamBam Sat 15-Jan-05 17:25:32

Bunglie ... it's not me. It's an imposter . It's really a marmite flavoured snack.

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 17:29:04

So I have plenty of charaktor.
I got the computer store to put the spyware on to my computer for me. But I still get adverts for the latest updates etc, which I ignore as I am not too sure of these.

Twiglett Sat 15-Jan-05 17:29:26

... not an imposter .. I am the one and only marmite flavoured snack ..I'll have you know

Bunglie Sat 15-Jan-05 17:31:14

Ah! Thank you WWB...all this name changing is very confusing for me.

MarmiteFlavouredSnack Sat 15-Jan-05 17:34:53

You sure about that, Twiglet?

fuzzywuzzy Sat 15-Jan-05 17:37:07

Bunglie the update prompts you get, are they from microsoft if so they're genuine and help keep out viruses and stuff....

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