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Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 12:42:40

Hi all,

We are looking for someone to help out on the tech side of things at mumsnet hq. This is very much a part time - lunch hours, evenings and weekends - post, which is semi-voluntary. We can manage a modest salary and we very much hope to be able to increase the remuneration to something more market-related as and when the financial position of mumsnet allows!

Required skills are:

Knowledge of HTML
Knowledge of SQL
Knowledge of Java (not essential but useful)

Responsibilities will include:

Registration issues
Dealing with member queries about profile etc

Member tech queries
On site and via email

Html construction of newsletter/ dev emails/ subs emails etc

Advertising management
Putting up ads/ advertorials when required (SC is building template so rest of team should be able to do most of this)
Providing stats for advertisers

Page construction/ editing
Changes to existing pages and construction of new site pages

Managing member database
Deleting bad addresses etc

There's also some projects on the drawing board that will require programming if that's of interest.

Please email a CV to if you are interested and want to discuss further.

Justine, Carrie, Rachel and Tech

lowcalCOD Thu 13-Jan-05 12:45:51

oh donkey come back

fairyfly Thu 13-Jan-05 12:47:28

I would love to but im a bit thick

pixiefish Thu 13-Jan-05 12:57:40

I'd love it as well but am totally hopeless with all things computerish- will bump this though

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 20:59:38

bump for the evening contingent.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 21:01:59

Hey, I know! spacedonkey would be great for this!

(Sorry. Not helpful. )

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 21:30:17

Hey Jan - this role is (we are very much hoping) in addition to, not in replacement of the Donkey, who as far as we are concerned is just on sabbatical .

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 21:33:17

Oh really? Great news! (Does she know? )

I wonder if it's SenoraPostrophe's sort of thing (if she had time)?

redsky Thu 13-Jan-05 21:37:02

Not for me that's for sure. Can't even turn the tele on - just keep pressing buttons on different controllers till it jumps into life! New Years resolution - learn to use at least one piece of technology!

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 21:39:14

She knows she's welcome back any time .

fairyfly Thu 13-Jan-05 21:41:00

So have you not got any jobs handing out sandwiches or cleaning mens shoes?

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 21:42:41

Sadly our only man wears trainers - but we'll definitely bear you in mind FF if that situation changes.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 21:45:33

cleaning laydees' shoes [hopeful]?

Justine (mumsnet) Thu 13-Jan-05 21:53:54

no laydees round 'ere.

JanH Thu 13-Jan-05 21:54:20


SoupDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 10:00:30


Bring back the donkey!

lilsmum Fri 14-Jan-05 10:02:08

would it be working from home?

SuzySox Fri 14-Jan-05 10:04:44

I'd consider it but spend far too long hanging round these parts as it is! I really don't think it would help with my addiction

SenoraPostrophe Fri 14-Jan-05 10:13:36

Justine - Jan is right, this is my kind of thing, but I'm v busy at the moment.

If you can't find anyone else, would you be happy with an even-more-part-time-than-you-were-hoping-for arrangement? (don't get too excited though - I don't do Java. yuk yuk yuk. I do the other things though.)

Actually if all goes to plan I may have more time soon. Things don't usually go to plan though!

Justine (mumsnet) Fri 14-Jan-05 10:30:43

Yes it's working from home and you can fit it in anytime that suits really. The only fixed time commitment is the newsletter which is uploaded weds eve (takes no more than an hour) sometime between 5 and 11pm. It would be ideal if you could log on most days to check for registration and other queries and we anticipate the hours would be a minimum of 6 per week (although if you had more time, there's plenty of things to do to fill it). Drop us a mail if you need to know more. Thanks.

lilsmum Fri 14-Jan-05 10:36:05

justine, i have emailed you

lowcalCOD Fri 14-Jan-05 13:43:35

what about peccarollver? she is a n internet queen

Bunglie Fri 14-Jan-05 14:11:02

The Donkey is only on sabatical....(sounds painful), However end that sabatical now please as she is having far to much fun winding us all up again....glad she is back.

Is this the right time now that you have given us those wonderful italics [crawl][crawl] to ask that the 'new tech' should install a spellchecker as part of her job description???

Well, you can't blame me for trying?

WigWamBam Fri 14-Jan-05 14:12:16

Bunglie, you are shameless!

Bunglie Fri 14-Jan-05 14:15:50

Sorry I just could not pass up the opportunity......

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