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the legal/money topic

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elliott Mon 10-Jan-05 12:05:39

I'm posting this here because I don't want to make other threads 'live' again, but I note from mumsnet's response to the wigandrobe affair that they are 'reviewing the usefulness' of the legal/money topic. Having suggested this topic heading I feel a teeny bit responsible, but I also feel that it would be a shame if mumsnet decided to ditch this topic because of fears about the accuracy of advice posted there. We have lots of topics (e.g. health, childbirth, breastfeeding etc etc) where the advice posted isn't always in line with either what a qualified professional might say, or indeed up to date with the latest thinking (these two things not always being synonymous!) and I think this is something that has to be accepted on a public forum.

However, when I suggested the topic I had in mind more of the finances/budgeting side of things, so if mumsnet ARE nervous maybe it could be renamed money/budgeting or similar. I don't think it will stop people asking legally related questions anyway (I hope not).

Personally I AM concerned with how this episode has been handled (notably that suspicions may have been raised and not acted upon) and I really hope that mumsnet will in due course be able to give a full explanation which will clear up the various unanswered questions. I don't know whether its possible to prevent this kind of thing happening again - but I don't think deleting topics is necessarily going to help. PErsonally I feel that openness and as little censorship of information as possible is the best defence.

moondog Mon 10-Jan-05 12:06:58

Hear hear!!!

moondog Mon 10-Jan-05 12:12:21


Rachelmumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Jan-05 23:15:28

Hi Elliott

Thanks for your mail. On Justine and Steve(tech)'s return we'll be holding a meeting and discussing this subject amongst other things. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, we'll certainly take them into consideration and will let you know what we decide to do.



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