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jmg's thread, gone again?

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weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 06-Jan-05 10:10:48

I just posted on it and now it's gone. If I go back on my browser I can see my 10.06am post, what's going on ?

littlemissbossy Thu 06-Jan-05 10:11:18

maybe he asked for it to be removed?

weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 06-Jan-05 10:11:49

In the last 4 minutes? you think?

littlemissbossy Thu 06-Jan-05 10:13:19

perhaps mn were in the process of removing it as you posted IYSWIM - jmg has requested posts be deleted before

SuzySox Thu 06-Jan-05 10:13:40

It's gone. I posted and just mine came up on the thread.

coppertop Thu 06-Jan-05 10:15:04

I posted just now and only 2 posts were left on it - mine and SuzySox's.

anorak Thu 06-Jan-05 10:19:49

me too

littlemissbossy Thu 06-Jan-05 10:24:28

He's probably asked for it to be removed, he's done this before when he's posted something he's later regretted. The positive side is that at least that shows he's ok... well hopefully anyway

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