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What is Xmas Day on MN like?

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sleepdeprived Wed 22-Dec-04 22:45:54

Only became part of the wonderful world that is MN this year and am never online on Xmas Day anyway but just began to wonder ... is MN deserted on Xmas Day, or do some of you actually sit down at your PCs and share a virtual sprout or two?

CarriedAwayByXmas (mn) Thu 23-Dec-04 00:00:26

From memory it's very quiet but not completely empty...definitely a few folks escaping onto the pc. You know we're all going to be logging on now, just to check!

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 07:46:28

im an MN addict and on xmas day i will be needing my fix, so i'll probably be here! plus, as you say carrie, it's an escape from tidying up all the dishes, mountains of wrapping paper, etc etc even just for 5 mins (which will most likely turn into longer)

emMerryChristmastmg Thu 23-Dec-04 08:14:59

I remember thinking last year "I'll just have quick look to see whos there" and when it wasn't completely shut down with no-one posting I thought "Blimey! it's Xmas day ......some people really need to do something better with their time"

Of course once I'd been on for a hour I realised that I was talking about myself. I don't think I posted anything though, I was actually quite embarrasssed that I couldn't make it for one day without logging on[shock

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