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Who else thinks the Nutella ad on the mumsnet homepage is RIDICULOUS and OUTRAGEOUS?

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dontwanttogetoutofbed Tue 15-Jan-08 14:09:19

i do

ArchiesMama Mon 21-Jan-08 01:28:54

i agree with bobsmum because i am now eating nutella out of the jar! infact i bought a jar just bcus of this ad cus it gave me a craving for it!

psychomum5 Thu 17-Jan-08 21:23:36

oops at my rather fierce rant...was s'posed to be more sarcastic rantyblush


psychomum5 Thu 17-Jan-08 21:22:01

this thread is officially upsetting me now!!!!!!!!!angry

I am allergic to milk, and so therefore cannot eat nutella<<SOB>>

everytime this thread gets bumped up the bored, it is like torture (and I know I have just bumped it, and I also know I could hide said thread, but I posted on it a whiles back and so it is in my threads lists(angryat myself here!)

I want some real deal nutella spread, and I can;t have NOT FAIR<<sulk>>

fairylights Thu 17-Jan-08 21:21:47

sure someone else will have said this but haven't had time to look: the people who make Nutella were criticized by the advertising authority for the same advert on TV being misleading, think it was taken off air. I love nutella but think saying its a balanced breakfast is taking it a bit far!

ghosty Thu 17-Jan-08 21:17:44

DD likes peanut butter and jam on her toast now and then. Nutella has less sugar than jam and less fat than peanut butter.
<<puts nutella on shopping list>>

You lot do get your knickers in a twist about advertising sometimes don't you? <<sigh>>

jezzemx Thu 17-Jan-08 21:11:47

Flier I am also prone to this weakness !!!
Do you then have to have a quick drink afterwards to enable your tongue to dislodge itself from the roof of your mouth? grin

welliemum Thu 17-Jan-08 21:07:54

Well, I'm not in the "sugar is poison" camp of nutrition - without sugar, we'd all keel over and die in about 4-5 minutes. And little children need loads of energy.

But it seems plausible to me that what children really need at breakfast is a sustained release of energy that will get them through the morning rather than a massive sugar high at 8am, so I suspect the toast is nutritionally far more important, and the nutella or jam or whatever you put on it is pretty irrelevant tbh.

So if Nutella are claiming that their spread is contributing to a healthy breakfast I think they're stretching the truth a bit.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 16-Jan-08 13:05:44

Eh? Why all the villification about advocating chocolate/sugar/fat for breakfast. It's not exactly new. Cocopops and other chocolate cereals have been about for ages. It is not a CRIME for Nutella to advertise this fact.

My "healthy" breakfast is 2 slices of toast, loads of butter and apricot jam. Probably a lot worse that Nutella sandwiches. DD peanut butter and toast. Full English at the weekends. We are both very fit and healthy.

Also, the French (supposedly healthy nation compared to us brits) culturally eat chocolate for breakfast.

OK, I agree, so Nutella is NOT the healthiest thing in the world. But surely frantic hand-wringing and BANNING is not exactly healthy either, is it.

Flier Wed 16-Jan-08 12:56:33

oops blush DS just caught me eating a huge spoon of nutella and asked for one too.

Flum Wed 16-Jan-08 12:49:53

We have nutella and banana sandwiches for breakfast sometimes adults and kids! Its yummy. But other days we have porridge or pancakes or bacon & tomatoes or milupa or bread, cheese and ham, or poached eggs, or cheerios

I hate boring breakfasts. Nutella and banana sandwichees is one of my faves though

snowleopard Wed 16-Jan-08 12:39:00

Coffee, a fag AND nutella. Now you're talking! <dreams of the old days...>

lazarou Wed 16-Jan-08 12:37:53

Mmmmm, nutella. Although, a coffee and a fag will get your system going just as well. That's a scientific fact.

Flier Wed 16-Jan-08 12:31:18

i wonder how many jars of nutella have been sold as a result of this thread? grin

snowleopard Wed 16-Jan-08 12:15:16

Oh it's fine, and I really think anyone who thinks it's outrageous doesn't understand nutrition. OK it is not the most glowingly healthy breakfast in the world perhaps, especially for an adult. But active children do need energy they need fat and sugar, and most breakfasts certainly reflect that. Toast with butter/marg, jam/honey = cereal, fat and sugar. Yoghurt with honey, or any commercial yoghurt which is packed with sugar = sugar. Just about any commercial breakfast cereal, even the ones not aimed at kids = full of sugar. Formula for breakfast for your baby - or even breastmilk? Full of fat and sugar!

Yes we probably need to eat less sugar, but pointing the finger at something chocolatey and saying that's somehow uniquely bad is just inaccurate. There's nothing especially unhealthy about chocolate in small amounts - so chocolate spread is no worse than any other sugar-containing product. This is just an illusion brought about by the fact tha our culture sees chocolate as something special and sinful. But I'd rather give DS some nutella than something full of artificial sweeteners and weird preservatives and colours. My jar of nutella contians just 6 ingredients, almost all natural and straightforward.

We don't actually have it for breakfast often, but I see no reason why not, if you are prepared to eat jam, butter, cereal etc. And I have just had some on a muffin to celebrate this thread.

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Jan-08 11:53:18

YEs, that's exactly the word: the advert is absurd, rather than outrageous.

princessosyth Wed 16-Jan-08 11:52:18

Nutella is holiday food in this house, strictly for treats. The advert is absurd. hmm

PrettyCandles Wed 16-Jan-08 11:49:32

When we visit my mum she gives the children a large jar of Nutella and lets them get on with it. They can spread it on bread, or dunk things in it, eat as much as they like. At first they think they are in heaven, but they never ever manage to finish the portion they prepare for themselves.

So I do it for them blushgrin.

I have no objection to Nutella as a treat, and, yes, we do have things like pain au chocolat for weekend breakfasts. The only reason we do not have it in the house is that I would not be able to resist it.

I don't agree with labelling foods as 'good' or 'bad'. Virtually everything has a place in a well-rounded diet. But some things are more appropriate at certain times of the day - when I'm sending my children to school and expecting them to be able to concentrate I give them foods as low in refined sugars as possible.

mrsmalumbas Tue 15-Jan-08 22:01:19

Babblington - absolutely I would! Wholemeal toast, the fruit spread type jam and a big glass of milk - tasty, nutritious and better than lots of the "healthy" cereals that are loaded with fat and glucose syrup and all sorts of other stuff.

Nightynight Tue 15-Jan-08 21:26:03

oh chill out you guys. My children have nutella on pancakes for breakfast, or pain au chocolat from time to time.
Or tartines with jam, that's another classic french breakfast.

Cereal is worse, it has so much salt in it.

welliemum Tue 15-Jan-08 20:59:58

I agree with utterlyconfused. Why not just present it as a lovely treat - which it is - instead of weaselling around implying that it's a health food.

There's no WAY I would give this to my 2 for breakfast. They're 3 and 18 months and they have zero concept of "moderation". So as soon as I stepped into the shower, they'd be up the pantry shelves faster than you could say "modified vegetable oils" and I would emerge from the bathroom to find them handing the empty jar to the dog to lick.

Maybe in 5 years' time we could introduce it as a little treat, but at the moment, no way.

<hands children piece of dry bread and cup of water>

utterlyconfused Tue 15-Jan-08 20:34:32

Why doesn't the add say "Go on - give your kids a treat every now and then. It's delicious!" (because we all know it is). But I just don't think it's on to be calling it a balanced breakfast. Yes, we are all able to make our own judgements, but there are some people who genuinely need advice on what to feed their children - and on things generally - (remember the teenager last week? people were giving her a hard time until they realised she was 16 and then completely changed their attitudes which was right). It's really great that someone who really is lost can come to somewhere like MN for advice from people with some experience, and I really don't think that telling them that Nutella is good for a balanced diet is responsible. It's like those chocolate straw things that claim to be beneficial to your child's health because it will make them enjoy drinking milk!!

spicemonster Tue 15-Jan-08 20:30:13

Ridiculous, yes. Outrageous, no.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 15-Jan-08 20:27:26

No need to take the muesli out of arses surely? Muesli does just the opposite, doesnt it? grin

babblington Tue 15-Jan-08 20:00:05

to all of you who hate Nutella so much, would you give your children jam on toast for breakfast?
(serious question)

WatsTheStory Tue 15-Jan-08 19:53:52

Message withdrawn

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